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Scavenger Hunt 2019 Results

See the 2019 Scavenger Hunt Results Here!

2019 Scavenger Hunt

We decided to mix things up a little this year with the combination of random items from a traditional scavenger hunt with a creative twist. We hope you enjoy it! 

The competition will be judged by professional photographer Peter Gourniak.

Download the Hunt Guidelines & Rules:

2019 Scavenger Hunt Guidelines & Rules

2019 Scavenger Hunt Pictures!2019 Scavenger Hunt Pictures Slideshows

Held jointly with the Palmerton Photo Club, this annual photo challenge will test your ingenuity to capture the essence of one to eight of the listed items, each listed with an accompanying photo technique requirement!

Bask in the glory of winning the Best Overall Set of Photos, Best Single Item Photo, Judge's Choice and possible Honorable Mentions.  In addition to the glory of individual honors, add your considerable photographic talents to help the Pocono Photo Club best the Palmerton Club shooters in this annual [friendly] grudge match!

Unlike the WWYD contest where you are provided with photos and asked to creatively redesign them, here we are presented with interesting items to find and capture with minimal processing beyond basic cropping and exposure adjustments, but with an additional requirement to the method of image capture (example requirements: macro, sepia, black and white, special lighting and color requirements) as detailed in the Guidelines & Rules instructions - see the link above to download a copy.

Please note that the time allowed for this Hunt has been reduced from previous contest years so don't put off formulating your plan to own this competition! 

What You’re on the Hunt for:
1. A portrait of a statue
2. A macro or close-up of                  kitchenware
3. A landscape with a bridge
4. Streetlights in sepia
5. An abstract of a tree
6. An apple in high-key
7. A car in bold color
8. Shopping carts in black and          white

Please note the rules and requirements specified in this Hunt.  Compliance with the listed restrictions is part of the challenge!

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