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Photograph by Ray Roper
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Photo Album List

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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
A compilation of floral photos with a watercolor design
Flowers in Watercolor - Regina M Matarazzo
10 photos - updated 4/5/2020
40 photos - updated 4/5/2020
Hike into State Gamelands 127 to Tobyhanna Creek
Tobyhanna Creek Falls - Candace Roper
14 photos - updated 3/29/2020
Rattlesnake Falls Cresco - Samuel A Prynda
15 photos - updated 3/29/2020
Hike to Tobyhanna Creek Falls in State Gamelands 127 in the Pocono Mountains of Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Tobyhanna Creek Falls Hike - Ray Roper
20 photos - updated 3/29/2020
Just some highlights.
Some of my pictures - Robert C Baker
20 photos - updated 3/28/2020
Shut in photos - Eric S Goins
12 photos - updated 3/26/2020
Longpond Morning - maurice w harmon
8 photos - updated 3/24/2020
Dutch Hill Preserves Maple Syrup Shoot Out - Ann H LeFevre
11 photos - updated 3/24/2020
Water Drops - Eric S Goins
6 photos - updated 3/14/2020
Dutch Hill Preserves Shoot-out - Richard Nelson
10 photos - updated 3/14/2020
Sample pictures from this month's member album submissions.
Featured Members March 2020
29 photos - updated 3/12/2020
Eagles at Forevergreen Nature Preserve, Analomink, Pennsylvania; in nest-building mode.
Forevergreen Eagles - Ray Roper
5 photos - updated 3/8/2020
Ducks and swans on the pond at the Chateau at Camelback in golden hour light
Chateau Camelback Birds - Ray Roper
13 photos - updated 3/8/2020
Maple Sugaring day at Meesing Nature Center, March 2020
Maple Sugaring - Ray Roper
9 photos - updated 3/8/2020
A nice winter day
Brodhead Creek Heritage Center - Samuel A Prynda
11 photos - updated 3/7/2020
Disney Epcot - Samuel A Prynda
19 photos - updated 3/7/2020
Disney Springs - Samuel A Prynda
10 photos - updated 3/7/2020
Our Trip trip to Disney Riverside resort
Disney Riverside resort - Samuel A Prynda
22 photos - updated 3/7/2020
A compilation of pictures taken at the Delaware Water Gap
Delaware Water Gap - Regina M Matarazzo
6 photos - updated 3/4/2020
old cars - Eric S Goins
6 photos - updated 2/23/2020
American Ribbon edits - Eric S Goins
5 photos - updated 2/23/2020
Software Modified Ice Sculptures
Ice Sculptures Winterfest Stroudsburg 2020 - John M Anzivino
10 photos - updated 2/21/2020
Shoot Out February 15, 2020
The American Ribbon Factory - Ann H LeFevre
26 photos - updated 2/21/2020
Shoot Out at the Castle Inn, Delaware Water Gap Pa. Feb. 8, 2020
Castle Inn Images - Ann H LeFevre
16 photos - updated 2/21/2020
WWYD 2020 Wheels Go Round & Round
3 photos - updated 2/21/2020
WWYD 2020 Party of Three
4 photos - updated 2/21/2020
WWYD 2020 Silohuettes on Ice
8 photos - updated 2/21/2020
WWYD 2020 Rusty Tractor
8 photos - updated 2/21/2020
WWYD 2020 Onion Domes
5 photos - updated 2/21/2020
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