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Photo by Ken Winham—"Snow Geese"
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Photo Album List

Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Back when cars had character and style.
ESU Car Show - 9-22-2018 - John M Anzivino
5 photos - updated 9/22/2018
Turkeys in front of my house
Turkey Anyone? - John M Anzivino
5 photos - updated 9/20/2018
Uploading assorted photos to see if there's an issue uploading multiple pictures.
This is a Test - Ann H LeFevre
10 photos - updated 9/19/2018
General photography - David Colbeth
5 photos - updated 9/18/2018
A few past favorites from Instagram posts
Instagram Favorites - Ray Roper
9 photos - updated 9/17/2018
Featured Members
15 photos - updated 9/15/2018
A slide show of photos of the featured club member photographer of the month
Featured Member of the Month
35 photos - updated 9/15/2018
taken in the past year, from all different areas around NJ/PA/NC. Nikon D5500, Tamron Lenses
Miscellaneous Pics - Lisa Welsh - Lisa Welsh
35 photos - updated 9/7/2018
Shootout photos from Columcille Megalith Park, Northampton County, PA
Columcille Shootout - Ray Roper
16 photos - updated 9/2/2018
Garlic & Harvest Festival 2018 - Robert R Hare
106 photos - updated 9/2/2018
PHLT shots, Columcille Shoot Out and more
August 2018 Favorites - Ann H LeFevre
21 photos - updated 8/28/2018
A series taken at Tank Creek Falls on the Fieldstone Farm Tank Creek Nature Preserve after heavy rainfall had revived the falls from a dry state.
Tank Creek Falls, Fieldstone Farm Preserve - Ray Roper
15 photos - updated 8/18/2018
The annual celebration of the Tannersville Cranberry Bog
Tannersville Cranberry Bog Day 2018 - Robert R Hare
22 photos - updated 8/12/2018
Pictures from Holy Cow Farm
July Shoot Out - Ann H LeFevre
12 photos - updated 8/7/2018
Photos of the several properties in Cherry Valley visited during the 2018 Ramble
Cherry Valley Ramble 2018 - Ray Roper
9 photos - updated 8/7/2018
The 2018 Warren County NJ Balloon Festival.  Activities were badly curtailed this year due to rains.  I got these shots on the evening of opening day.  Hot temperatures and low winds.
Warren County Balloon Festival 2018 - Robert R Hare
17 photos - updated 8/5/2018
Early automobiles - Horseless Carriages - On exhibit through the Poconos - July & August 2018
Horseless Carriages - John M Anzivino
10 photos - updated 8/3/2018
July 29th shootout at Holy Cow Farm, near Bangor, PA
Holy Cow Farm - Ray Roper
12 photos - updated 8/1/2018
Images of flora from deep within the Bog.
Tannersville Cranberry Bog - 2017 & 2018 - Robert R Hare
83 photos - updated 7/30/2018
A visit to the flower farm.
Holy Cow Farm Shoot Out - Robert R Hare
35 photos - updated 7/29/2018
One of the Pocono Heritage Land Trust properties preserved for current & future generations.
Fieldstone Farm Tank Creek - Robert R Hare
14 photos - updated 7/24/2018
Assorted shots from all our Spring and Summer Shoot Outs
Bog and Land Trust Shots - Ann H LeFevre
15 photos - updated 7/24/2018
Summer Christmas promotional of farm products?  Well, Santa was there.
Farmers Market - Xmas In July - Robert R Hare
78 photos - updated 7/23/2018
Fire island - Hannable Parrish
3 photos - updated 7/18/2018
variety of photos - sarah m shoup
20 photos - updated 7/16/2018
Kenilworth Aquatic Garden - Sheila Garl
7 photos - updated 7/15/2018
Extreme Macro > 1X
Extreme Macro >1X - Bradley Teets
62 photos - updated 7/15/2018
potm photos - sarah m shoup
31 photos - updated 7/11/2018
1X or 1:1 Macro
1X Macro - Bradley Teets
2 photos - updated 6/28/2018
Lilypons - Sheila Garl
10 photos - updated 6/24/2018
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