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Photograph By Eric Goins
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Photo Album List

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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Blue Ridge Winery Shootout September 30, 2023
Winery - Blue Ridge - John M Anzivino
27 photos - updated 10/2/2023
Cog Railway Mt Washington NH - Harrise Niemczak
17 photos - updated 9/26/2023
Scenes around the Jensen garden gathered for the TOTM for September 2023.
Garden collection - Jennifer Jensen
22 photos - updated 9/25/2023
PPC shootout ate the Electric City Trolly museum
Electric City Trolly Shootout - Samuel A Prynda
13 photos - updated 9/24/2023
Part 2 of the driving tour of all 5 Great Lakes that Steen and I made in Sep 2022. This is mainly in the neighborhood of Empire, MI and in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.
Lake Michigan - Part 2 - Jennifer Jensen
27 photos - updated 9/24/2023
A three day tour of the Pennsylvania Wilds area of NW PA, lead by the Monroe County Conservation District.
PA Wilds - The Countryside - Bob Hare
18 photos - updated 9/24/2023
A three day tour of the Pennsylvania Wilds area of NW PA, lead by the Monroe County Conservation District.
PA Wilds - The Elk - Bob Hare
10 photos - updated 9/24/2023
ESU Campus & Car Show 2023 - John M Anzivino
15 photos - updated 9/20/2023
Steen and I made a driving tour of all 5 Great Lakes. This is mainly the drive from Marquette, MI to Empire, MI crossing the Mackinaw Bridge along the way.
Lake Michigan - Part 1 - Jennifer Jensen
15 photos - updated 9/17/2023
Some insects of my garden
Insects - Joseph A Li Marzi
10 photos - updated 9/16/2023
Over the years we have developed a pollinator, bird, and butterfly friendly garden. We have planted many native species that provide food and serve as host plants. Here are a few of the butterflies
A Few Butterflies - Joseph A Li Marzi
8 photos - updated 9/10/2023
Some photos taken during August 2023
August Photo Fun - John M Anzivino
12 photos - updated 9/5/2023
Selected images from member album submissions - August to September - Part 2
Featured Members September 2022 - Pt 2
20 photos - updated 9/5/2023
La Festa Italiana 2023 - John M Anzivino
6 photos - updated 9/4/2023
Electric City Trolley Museum - Jennifer Jensen
29 photos - updated 9/4/2023
Running Trains at Scranton Train Station
Operating Trains - John M Anzivino
15 photos - updated 8/29/2023
Trolley Cars, Equipment & Related Photo
Trolley Cars - John M Anzivino
10 photos - updated 8/29/2023
Mens and womes track cycling at the Velodrome. Scenes from a relay event called The Madison (named after Madison Sq. Garden) in which team members take turns propelling each other like a slingshot.
A Night at the Bike Races - Amy Girardi
9 photos - updated 8/28/2023
Norfolk Harbor - Eric S Goins
7 photos - updated 8/27/2023
Yankee Stadium - John M Anzivino
5 photos - updated 8/26/2023
West End Fair 2023 - John M Anzivino
14 photos - updated 8/26/2023
WWYD 2020 Silhouettes on Ice
8 photos - updated 8/22/2023
Yenser's Sunflower Farm - Harrise Niemczak
15 photos - updated 8/21/2023
Dismal Forest - Maurie Harmon
9 photos - updated 8/21/2023
Pictures taken or processed in July of 2023
July 2023 - Ann H LeFevre
66 photos - updated 8/6/2023
Camelback Flora Walk Big Pocono State Park - Ray Roper
22 photos - updated 8/6/2023
Paradise Valley Lavender Farm - Harrise Niemczak
10 photos - updated 8/2/2023
Somerville's celebration of the American Revolution!
Where was Capt. Isaac Higgentoot? - Luis Nunez
14 photos - updated 7/25/2023
Alaska Skagway 2023 - Samuel A Prynda
14 photos - updated 7/21/2023
July 12th this year appears to have been a very auspicious time for wildflowers atop the 10,000-foot Grand Mesa of Colorado. Our recent trip there yielded a veritable cornucopia of blossom photos of a
Grand Mesa Colorado Wildflowers - Ray Roper
30 photos - updated 7/20/2023
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