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Photo Album List

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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
St Augustine Rookery - Harrise Niemczak
12 photos - updated 5/29/2023
Annual Classic Car Show in Hackettstown, NJ
Memorial Motor Madness - Classic Cars - John M Anzivino
41 photos - updated 5/29/2023
Animal Frolic - Quiet Valley Farm - John M Anzivino
14 photos - updated 5/27/2023
Spring 2023 Birding and Hiking on the Appalachian Trail and the Cedar Swamp Trail in High Point State Park, New Jersey; May 21st, 2023
Spring High Point State Park - Ray Roper
17 photos - updated 5/24/2023
Life is a Flower - Harrise Niemczak
29 photos - updated 5/19/2023
Trip to Hude, Germany to visit family
Germany 2023 - Joe Li Marzi
29 photos - updated 5/19/2023
As a new member I would like to introduce you to my photography.
An Introduction - Joe Li Marzi
45 photos - updated 5/15/2023
Here are some of our local bird community. There are more but I haven't yet been able to capture them with my camera.
Birds - Joe Li Marzi
24 photos - updated 5/14/2023
Luna Parc - Interior_06May2023 - Jennifer Jensen
49 photos - updated 5/13/2023
I really tried to pare down this set but it was a real struggle. Looking at my photos I still find something new each time.
Luna Parc - Exterior_06May2023 - Jennifer Jensen
38 photos - updated 5/13/2023
Where do Mardi Gras floats go when they are not partying?  Mardi Gras World Warehouse!
Mardi Gras World Warehouse - Bob Hare
13 photos - updated 5/8/2023
Shoot-Out May 2023 Luna Parc
Luna Parc - John M Anzivino
13 photos - updated 5/8/2023
Spring Day in Cresco - Samuel A Prynda
20 photos - updated 5/5/2023
Barrett Twp.Fire company - Samuel A Prynda
9 photos - updated 5/5/2023
From a March 2023 visit to The Big Easy.
Around Town In New Orleans - Bob Hare
22 photos - updated 4/30/2023
Images from on the Mississippi River in New Orleans in March 2023.
On the Mississippi In NOLA - Bob Hare
11 photos - updated 4/30/2023
Images of smoke
Smoke - Eric S Goins
5 photos - updated 4/19/2023
Amy Girardi is our April 2023 PPC Photographer of the Month.
POTM April 2023
20 photos - updated 4/19/2023
Into the Woods - Maurie Harmon
12 photos - updated 4/17/2023
I've probably posted some of these before!
Assorted Fun - Ann H LeFevre
58 photos - updated 4/16/2023
hike on the rail Gap trail with the PHLT
Rail Gap Hike - Samuel A Prynda
12 photos - updated 4/16/2023
Scavenger Hunt 2023 Promo
5 photos - updated 4/11/2023
I had Sophie and she was not allowed inside the museum, so we wandered around outside looking at the interesting sights around the neighborhood.
America on Wheels from Outside - Jennifer Jensen
19 photos - updated 3/26/2023
48 photos - updated 3/23/2023
St. Patrick's Day Parade Stroudsburg - 3-19-2023 - John M Anzivino
8 photos - updated 3/23/2023
PHLT Rail Trail Shootout - Jennifer Jensen
27 photos - updated 3/21/2023
A tour of the Pocono Heritage Land Trust Rail Trail (South) Preserve.
PHLT Rail Trail Shoot Out - Bob Hare
24 photos - updated 3/18/2023
Migrating snow geese at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area
Middle Creek Snow Geese - Jennifer Jensen
25 photos - updated 3/16/2023
this and that from Jan, Feb and some of Mar.
Here, There, and Everywhere 2023 - Ann H LeFevre
54 photos - updated 3/14/2023
America on Wheels Feb 18, 2023 - PPC Shootout - Steen R Jensen
18 photos - updated 3/5/2023
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