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Photographer: Ray Roper
Lake Clark, Alaska
Horned Puffin
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Pocono Photo Club April Hybrid Meeting

April 16, 2024

7:00 PM
(Digital and physical doors open at 6:30 for visiting)

Len Metcalf Presents: 
"Creativity Lens"!

Creativity is in all of us. Unfortunately many of us label ourselves as not having a creative bone in our body. Len believes that this is a limiting belief that stalls us.  In this presentation Len tells us how to get in touch with our creative bones, our creative intuitions, or even how to channel creative energy. This presentation is full of practical tips and tricks that help photographers get the most of their creativity.

Len's Website:

Len Metcalf Flower 1

Len Metcalf Flower 2



You Are the Star!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023
7:00 PM

Happy Holidays to everyone!


This will be an in-person and on-line meeting.  The physical and virtual meeting room doors will be open at 6:30 pm.  Come and visit before the 7 pm meeting start time.

We are looking for your favorite photos from 2023.  Please send us up to five of your favorites from this past year so that we can have a slide show to end the year. 

All pictures will be shown at the December PPC Meeting.  If you would like to tell us about your images, example: location, editing techniques, subject, or why you choose the image, you will be welcome to do so.

Please send your photos to the Dropbox link below by December 18th.
We can't wait to see all of your favorites!
PPC November Monthly Meeting

Deborah Feingold
Tuesday, November 21, 2023
7:00 PM

This will be an on-line only meeting. 
We hope to resume the in-person format at our December Meeting

Images By Deborah Feingold

Award Winning Photographer Deborah Feingold

 Deborah Feingold moved to New York City in 1976, where her friendship with a jazz musician inspired her to embrace a spirit of improvisation in her photography which led to her first major assignment: shooting jazz icon Chet Baker. Her work with Baker and others on his record label caught the attention of Musician magazine, who hired her as their New York liaison. Turning her small apartment into a makeshift studio and freewheeling it on the streets of New York, Feingold captured indelible images of some of the most legendary names in music, from B.B. King and James Brown to Bono and Madonna.
Feingold's unique ability to put her subjects almost immediately at ease engendered the kind of rare moments of honesty and intimacy that became the hallmark of her work, and over the ensuing decades, her photographs would appear in Rolling Stone, Time, Newsweek and The New York Times among others, along with countless album and book covers. The portraits in her catalog read like a who's who of cultural icons: President Barack Obama, Mick Jagger, Bill Gates, Tom Wolfe, Prince, Johnny Depp, George Carlin, and many more.

Join us on November 21, 2023, on-line to hear Deborah’s insights on her photos and her illustrious career. The zoom link for this meeting will come to your email address. (Due to some unavoidable sound issues from the live site, this meeting will be Zoom only.)
PPC October Monthly Hybrid Meeting

  What Would You Do? Contest Reveal & Vote

Presented by Carrie Strohl (PPC) 

Tuesday, September 17th
7:00 PM
(Come early to see the confusion!  Doors open at 6:30

WWYD 2023 Image Line Up

It’s a first for PPC – an in-person meeting AND a Zoom meeting!
We’re back together by popular demand since the Covid Shutdown of March 2020. Thanks to the generosity of Keller Williams Real Estate, we have a physical location to gather and thanks to technology, we can still offer a Zoom option for those who aren’t able to make it in-person.
If you plan to attend in-person, Keller Williams is located at 404 Park Avenue in Stroudsburg.  We will be meeting in the second-floor training room.  Please park in the rear parking lot and use the back entrance.  The front office entrance will be locked.  If you plan to attend via Zoom, look for the link below in this email.
If you plan to attend in person, please come early and visit with fellow members.  Signs will be posted on the rear (side) entry door and inside the building directing you to the meeting room.  We must lock the entry door at 7:00 pm for security.  A phone number will be posted on the door sign to call for entrance after 7 pm, but try to arrive early.  We will be open for business at 6:30 for visiting!
For those who live in the virtual world, you may join the meeting via Zoom anytime after 6:30 pm.  If things go as planned (stop laughing!), everyone will be able to see and hear everyone else.  It should be fun!  And, if things go as they should (you are laughing again!!), the meeting will be recorded for future review.
There will be no outside speaker for this meeting - we will be conducting club business and voting on the WWYD images.  Both in-person and virtual attendees will be able to vote for their favorite image in each of the eight picture categories. 

Keller Williams Real Estate Office
Keller Williams Parking & Entrance

404 Park Avenue in Stroudsburg
GPS Coordinates:  40.9797, -75.1899
Parking available in the rear of the office.  Enter in the rear door (red arrow).  Look for signs directing you to the meeting room.
A Zoom meeting link was sent to members this past Friday.

Not a member? - Email to
attend one free meeting as a non-member - live or online.  New members welcome!

PPC September Monthly Meeting

Image Evaluation & Post Processing

Presented by Nic Stover 

Tuesday, September 19th
7:00 PM

How do we view our work?  What goes into producing more impactful images?  For me, as I have evolved in my  photography and developed more of a creative vision being able to look objectively has helped me to approach my work in a more complete format understanding not only what will make a more impactful image, but also how I can go about bringing more of that out as I post process and present my work. 


The first part of my presentation will include a short presentation from me about best practices, what goes into impactful images, and how we can more effectively post process our images using simple techniques. We will then do a review of the first round of images where I will demonstrate some simple considerations and adjustment that can be made in Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Here is your opportunity to participate!

Submit one of your images and have Nic talk about how he views an image and the steps he would take in post processing.  What Nic is requesting is that you submit to him an image that you like and think is pretty well done, or one that you think that could be very good, but that you can't process to that level.  He wants the original unprocessed image and your finished image.  He will select some of the submissions to critique and offer suggestions as to how their impact could be improved and then illustrate how the improvements could be done.

In Nic's own words:

Do not take any of the constructive criticism personally.  
This is a space where it is ok to make mistakes, and we are all trying to learn and grow as artists. Please don't come with the hope that you will only receive compliments and praise, that is not the primary intention of this service. When you are commenting on the images from the other artists, please refrain from making any unnecessary, derogatory comments. We want everyone to have an enjoyable, enlightening experience, and a desire to do this again.


To help me keep it organized, please include your name in the filename you save it as. You can choose your images based on whatever you want: images you think are perfect that have no room for improvement, images you are stuck on, images you feel don't work but you aren't exactly sure why, etc. The images do not necessarily need to be edited, also please send RAW files. Processed JPEGS are recommended so that we can also give you suggestions on the post-processing of your images. 


Submit your photos for Nic's consideration here.

A Zoom Meeting Link Will Be Sent To Members on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Not a member? - Email to
attend one free meeting as a non-member.

PPC August Monthly Meeting

The Subjective Landscape

Presented by Chris Murray 
Tuesday, August 15th
7:00 PM

 In this presentation Chris Murray will draw a distinction between two schools of thought in landscape photography today - what he calls objective and subjective landscapes. He will discuss the defining qualities of each and how they differ in both approach and intent. He will also discuss ways that we can express and develop our own personal vision in order to make more subjective, personally expressive images that go beyond mere representation. Finally, I will conclude with the rewards that come with making creative photographs that reflect our vision.

Chris in his own words:

I am a professional photographic artist, instructor, and writer living in the Thousand Islands region of Upstate NY. I photograph primarily in the landscape of my home, the woods, lakes, mountains, and streams of New York State. My work has appeared in several magazines including On Landscape, Popular Photography, Adirondack Life, Life in the Finger Lakes, and New York State Conservationist, among others. I lead photography workshops independently and through the Adirondack Photography Institute.

PPC July Monthly Meeting
Image by Richard Lewis
Image by Richard Lewis

What Judges look for in Competitions and Exhibitions

Presented by Richard Lewis

Tuesday, July 18th
7:00 PM

This is a fun, yet very frank look at the hardest job any photographer can do... Judging! We'll examine both the objective and subjective things that make a photograph great and exhibition worthy. Plus, YOU GET TO BE THE JUDGE! This is a presentation with audience participation and you get to judge some of my work and the work of the photography masters. You'll discover that no photograph is perfect.

Richard Lewis has been a professional and fine art photographer since the 1970’s with a passion for landscapes, abandoned buildings, and interesting people. While he travels to find unique landscapes, his favorite location is the New Jersey Pine Barrens. He uses both a professional digital camera, drone, and an iPhone to create his work.

Richard’s inspiration comes from landscape painters and has developed a style he calls "Painting with a Camera”. This involves equal effort in both creating and post processing an image.

Richard is an active photography blogger, lecturer, instructor and conducts workshops in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and other places to help photographers find their unique creative voice. He also has published a book titled “Photographing the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the Ultimate Guide”.


PPC June Monthly Meeting

Scavenger Hunt Results

Presented by Carrie Strohl, Eric Goins and Contest Judge, Matt Cannon

Tuesday, June 20th
7:00 PM

Matt Cannon is a full time working videographer and photographer. He enjoys shooting landscapes, portraits and taking drone shots in his spare time too.

A Zoom Meeting Link Will Be Sent To Members on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Not a member? - Email to
attend one free meeting as a non-member.


PPC May Monthly Meeting

Story Telling For Photographers

JP Stones

Tuesday, April 16th

7:00 PM

JP has spent the last decade photographing the same group of Mexica, or Azteca, dancers.  In that time he learned how connected the Mexicans are to their mythology, to ancient stories passed down across generations. That’s when he realized that, as these stories were so vital to Mexica culture, they needed to play a bigger role in his portraits.

This photography talk is about what happened next. About how a desire to tell stories visually, ended up changing his entire creative process, and the way people react to his photos. Using examples from his cultural photography work in Mexico, JP Stones explores different ways to improve that emotional connection. Including how myths and character archetypes can be harnessed for better storytelling.

Working with narratives won’t just change the way people engage with your photos, it will fundamentally change the way you create them.  That narrative can also be used to guide decisions on posing, composition, lighting, and color, resulting in focusing your creative decisions and ensuring you create cohesive work.

JP has presented for professional organizations and camera clubs across the US, Mexico, and the UK.  His work has been featured on the cover of multiple publications, including Good Light Magazine.😊


  1.  How much of a story can one photo really tell?
  2. How being more intentional can changed your approach to photography.
  3. How photography can be about making an emotional connection as well as creating beautiful work.
  4. How thinking in stories can help guide your entire creative decision-making process.

PPC April Monthly Meeting


Greg Holden

Tuesday, April 18

7:00 PM

In this presentation, Greg Holden shows pairings of his photos of completely different subjects but with similarities in style, composition and color choices with respect to how he composed and processed his images. The collection contains some of Greg’s favorite images and represents his diverse photographic interests.

While compiling this collection for a book, some of these pairings quickly presented themselves, while others were more subtle, allowing Greg the enjoyment of searching his archives to find matches.  Sometimes, multiple matching photos were discovered, allowing him to select the best or most interesting match.

Greg hopes this presentation inspires you to investigate your own portfolio, to discover common threads in your style and find a unique way to share a collection of your photos.

About Greg:

Greg Holden is a photographer from Longmont, Co who uses his photography to share with others how he sees the world. He enjoys creative photos of little scenes often overlooked by others rather than postcard landscapes. Although he won’t pass by a chance to photograph a beautiful landscape or a tranquil sunset, he’d rather be exploring abandoned places and capturing the details of the layers of paint and rust on a discarded automobile.  He finds inspiration from master photographers and a wide range of subjects, such as: the close-up beach studies by Minor White, the early portraiture of Steichen and Stieglitz, and street scenes by Andre Kertesz. 

He enjoys teaching others and sharing his passion for photography and speaks around his home in the greater Denver area, but also continues to speak and judge virtually, at clubs throughout his former home in the MD and VA areas.
You can see Greg’s work on his website 

March 2023 PPC Meeting - Revised!

Images From Denmark & Greenland

Ray Roper

March 21st at 7:00 PM 

Our scheduled speaker, James Maher, is unable to present his work on street photography this evening due to illness in the family.  We wish him well.  In his place, we have a special treat - PPC member Ray Roper will show us pictures from his and Candace's recent trip to Denmark and Greenland.  

Also enjoy:
  • A review of our past month's activities,
  • To share recent member pictures
  • To meet this month's PPC Photographer of the Month
  • For an announcement about the 2023 Pocono - Palmerton Scavenger Hunt Competition

Creating Dynamic Landscape Photos
Don Tredinnick
Tuesday, February 21st at 7:00 PM

All of our meetings are held online on Zoom.  Expect an email with the meeting link on the preceding Friday. 
Our online meeting hall opens at 6:30 for anyone who would like to visit before the meeting.

If you are not a Pocono Photo Club Member, but would like to see what our meetings are like, please contact for a free meeting link.

Photo By Don Tredinnick

No matter where you travel, there is always some amazing scenery to be experienced.  Ideally, we would like to capture some great images to help us remember and revisit the experience.  What we often find is that the resulting photos tend to lack the impact of what we encountered.

During this presentation, Don will discuss how to capture landscape photos that will make you excited to display and share. He will provide tips on:

• effectively using light,
• tricking the eye into seeing depth,
• understanding where to focus,
• using elements in an image to show scale,
• providing a story and sense of place.

The best part is that all of the above can be accomplished using any type of camera making landscape photography a great subject for any photographer.

Don the owner of Frozen Hiker Photography L.L.C. The main goal of Frozen Hiker Photography is to help other photographers improve their photographic skills. He began leading workshops and teaching classes in 2012. Prior to that he was giving lectures and leading photo hikes at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

Don has had the opportunity to travel to some great destinations around  the United States, and the world. This has given him a greater appreciation of our natural world, and all of the different cultures that make up the world.

My work has appeared in several publications. Most recently, my photos have appeared in Lake Superior Magazine, North Cascades National Park Field Guide, 2017 Galapagos Conservancy Calendar, 2018 International Wolf Center Calendar, and The Virginian Pilot Newspaper. I have also participated in a
number of gallery shows.

In 2010, I began leading photo hikes at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. I currently lead 8 hikes a year as a volunteer. Some of these have lectures associated with them. As a result of the popularity of these photo hikes and lectures, I decided to start teaching classes and leading workshops.
I am currently teaching classes at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Hot Sams Foto Park, and Centennial School District Community Education. I am also running 3 weekend workshops:

     • Route 66 in Arizona (October 2023)
     • Mustang Retreat Weekend in Pepin Wisconsin (June 2023)
     • Winter on the North Shore by Grand Marais MN (February 2023)

A catalog of my classes and lectures can be found on my website

In 2013, I spent time as Artist in Residence at the North Cascades Institute in North Cascades National Park. This was a fantastic experience that really allowed me to expand my skills. During my time there, in addition to photographing the beauty of the North Cascades, I also spent time photographing the various classes and programs put on by North Cascades Institute. The most interesting assignment was photographing a “fake wedding.”

I believe that photography is a constant learning experience, and this is one of the reasons I fell in love with photography. There are always ways to improve and grow as a photographer. This is why, in addition to leading workshops and teaching classes, I also make it a point to continue to advance my own understanding. Just as a professional athlete relies on coaches to improve, I am constantly studying and practicing. This includes attending workshops and classes each year.

A Second January Learning Event!

Join the Palmerton Camera Club's January Zoom Meeting To Learn About:


The Palmerton Camera Club (PCC - not to be confused with PPC - that's us!) has invited us to join them in their January Zoom meeting presentation.  On January 26, PCC will have a program with Hazel Meredith discussing iPhoneography Techniques and Editing Apps.

This event will be held on Zoom at 7:30 pm on January 26th. We will pass on to you the private link needed to get in, several days before the event. Registration is not required.

Hazel Meredith

Hazel Meredith is an award-winning photographer, teacher, speaker, workshop leader, and a highly respected competition judge. In  2007, she began teaching post-processing techniques through local adult education programs, and now teaches at camera clubs and conferences.

Hazel loves the creative aspect of photography and post-processing, especially the use of textures, overlays and software to create  unique images. She enjoys teaching and sharing her techniques to assist other photographers in realizing their own creative visions.

January Pocono Photo Club Meeting

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

7:00 PM

Image by Stephanie Johnson
Image by Stephanie Johnson

The Art and Beauty of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) Photography

Stephanie Johnson

In her presentation “The Art and Beauty of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) Photography” Stephanie shares her passion for ICM and talks about her journey from traditional landscape photographer to focusing primarily on ICM photography. Stephanie has a deep love and joy for the individually expressive nature of ICM and encourages photographers to ‘see things differently’ through the lens of their cameras, as well as through the lens of their inner creative selves.

The art and beauty of ICM photography is that, by seeing things differently, we can connect with the ordinary, and even the mundane, to transform how we interact with our explore, experiment, and play with the camera in exciting new ways, resulting in images that are unique to each individual photographer.

In this talk, Stephanie covers some of the basic ICM principles and techniques, along with sample images to show the effects of various camera movements and the camera settings for each. Additionally, several examples showing scenes before and after using ICM will be shared, as well as a short field work video to show some of the camera movements Stephanie uses in different location settings. Stephanie also touches on some more advanced ICM techniques in this presentation, as well.
Stephanie Johnson Bio

Stephanie is a self-taught creative photographer, who has been primarily focused on ICM photography for several years and has honed her ICM techniques by getting out to do the work as often as possible. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduate work in English Literature and has always had a very strong emotional connection to Art in all its various forms, as well as to the natural world. Stephanie has a deep passion for creating uniquely artistic images by working with camera movement to paint how any given scene feels for her in the moment. She brings an inter-connected, creative, and intuitive approach to her photography-as-art to visually express the essence of light, color, form, line, texture, mood, and emotion through in-camera creative techniques with the camera.

Stephanie is the Founder, Creator, and Publisher of ICM Photography Magazine (ICMPhotoMag)...a first-of-its-kind e-magazine dedicated solely to featuring ICM images, articles, reviews, interviews, tips, and tutorials, by ICM photographers and artists around the world, in a quarterly feature packed digital format.

 Stephanie is the Founder, Creator, and Publisher of  ICM Photography Magazine ... a first-of-its-kind e-magazine dedicated solely to featuring ICM images, articles, reviews, interviews, tips, and tutorials, by ICM photographers and artists around the world, in a quarterly feature packed digital format.

Stephanie’s personal website:

Social Media –

The Pocono Photo Club meets on third Tuesday of every month.
We meet online via Zoom 
From 7 to 9 pm.

The next meeting Zoom link is emailed to all active members on the Friday before the meeting.

If you are not a member and would like to check out one of our meetings, contact our by email to be included in our meeting notification or by using the "Contact Us" menu on our home page.

~ A Notice to Our Members ~

Restrictions for groups larger than 10 people have been eased but we have opted to continue to meeting via Zoom until further notice.  You will receive connection instructions shortly before each scheduled meeting by email.  The Executive Committee thanks you for your continued support of 
PPC during the Covid Crisis.



December 2022
You Are the Star!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

We are looking for your favorite photos from 2022.  Please send us 3 to 5 of your favorites from this past year so that we can have a slide show to end the year. 

All pictures will be shown at the December PPC Meeting.  If you would like to tell us about your images, example: location, editing techniques, subject, or why you choose the image, you will be welcome to do so.
Please send your photos to the Dropbox link below by December 18th.
Can't wait to see all of your favorites!



Contribute Your Star Players Here

 90 pictures submitted to date by 18 PPC Members!

Pocono Photo Club
November Monthly Meeting

November 15th, 2022
7:00 pm

Our Own Bob & Sarina Cook Take Us Along On Their
Trip Of A Lifetime!

As They Describe In Images Their Experiences In:

Cape Town, South Africa

Krueger National Park, South Africa


Paris, France

Join Us On Zoom
The meeting link will be sent by email to all club members on Friday, November 11th.

October Meeting

Tips & Tricks To Get "Your" Best Bird Images

Gail Bisson

October 18th, 2022

7:00 pm

A Zoom Meeting Link Will Be Sent To Members on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Not a member? - Email to
attend one free meeting as a non-member.

Artic Tern & Bug On Purple - Gail Bisson

Dr. Gail Bisson
Gail talks about her field techniques to capture award winning bird images.  She will also go into the gear needed.  She shows some of her winning images and how she got them.

Great Blue Heron - Gail Bisson

Gail is a retired family physician who now lives the dream. She travels extensively photographing birds and wildlife. She lives in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia with husband Elwood, who thankfully pays the bills and encourages her wanderings.

Having almost failed an ornithology course at university, she swore off birds until a chance encounter with a lilac-breasted roller in Tanzania in 2011. Struck by how beautiful the bird was, she took many pictures with her point and shoot. Those pictures turned out to be her favorite images of the safari and upon her return to Canada, she bought her first DSLR.  (Adapted from an article written by Gail on

For more information about this meeting please see
our Monthly Meetings page.

September Meeting
Creative Macro Photography
Presented by Darrell Gulin

September 20, 2022

7:00 pm

A Zoom Meeting Link Will Be Sent To Members on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Not a member? - Email to
attend one free meeting as a non-member.

Image by Darrell Gulin

Macroscopic images are always fascinating because they show images of the world that surrounds us, but we rarely see.  Our September speaker, Darrell Gulin, takes macro photography a step further into the realm of creative beauty!

Darrell will share the equipment that he uses to intimately capture such subjects as butterflies, feathers, flowers, dew drops, frogs and more.  He will explorer focus stacking and the likes of Topaz AI Gigapixel.

Darrell has been photographing for over 35 years, marketing his work for the last 33 years and has been a full time Nature/Travel Photographer for the last 26 years. He markets his work through Stock Agencies, Editorial Markets, Photography Workshop/Tours, Seminars and Speaking Engagements.

His work is represented by GettyImages, Danita Delimont Agency, DRK Photo, and Super Stock Agency.

He is one of Canon's Explorer of Light Photographers.

He is the past President of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). He has been their keynote speaker and has lead many workshops and programs at their Annual Summits.

His photographs have been published in: Outdoor Photographer Newsweek, National Geographic, Audubon, National Wildlife, Birder's World, Sunset, Nature Conservancy, Popular Photography, Natures Best and many more.

He has been showcased in almost every major nature calendar including: Audubon, Inner Reflection, Sierra Club, Kodak, Browntrout, Cedo, Nature Conservancy, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, and Day Dream.

He is an accomplished speaker/teacher whose credits are too numerous to mention. Also, Darrell was featured on Five Canon Photo Safari television programs where he taught actors/actresses to photograph in the field.

He leads the Gulin / Ken & Lydia Strange workshops. He travels around the world capturing special moments photographically.

Image by Derrell Gulin

August Meeting

Celebrate the talent and creativeness of this year's Scavenger Hunt participants.  Creativity, talent, technical chops - this contest brings all of this out.

Whether you participated or were too busy with vacation and yardwork - we all have much to learn and inspiration to gain by participating in the August Pocono Photo Club meeting Scavenger Hunt review! 

August 16, 2022

7:00 pm

A Zoom Meeting Link Will Be Sent To Members on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Not a member? - Email to
attend one free meeting as a non-member.

Watch an inspirational review of the categories and photo submissions set to music.

To be followed by a discussion of our 2022 judge, Ron Gower's observations and remarks.  Ron, a Times News photographer, isn't able to attend, but he passed his thoughts on to us.

There will not be a guest speaker at this meeting - this will be an in-house visit, review of club news and discussion of the Scavenger Hunt results.


July Meeting

Portrait Photography - Shoot portraits like a pro
Image by Joe Edelman

 7:00 pm

A Zoom Meeting Link Will Be Sent To Members on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Not a member - contact to
attend one meeting as a non-member.

If you are good with a camera, you have probably been asked to shoot a portrait for a friend, relative or colleague. That also means that you have probably realized that shooting portraits is not just a matter of aiming your camera at someone and saying cheese!

Portrait photography is a valuable skill for every photographer to master and Joe will take you through his entire process.

This presentation will begin with a discussion about what makes a great portrait and the prep that you should be doing before you even pick up the camera. Joe will do a studio demo to show you how to create great lighting for your portraits with a minimal amount of equipment.

This is not your parent’s portrait class! Using his KISS IT (Keep It Super Simple) techniques, Joe will show how to create flattering portraits with simple lighting and posing techniques. He will cover everything from camera and lens selection, depth of field, camera angles, composition, posing, lighting, backgrounds, and more!

What you will learn:

  • How to prep and communicate with your subjects.
  • Lens selection.
  • Lighting selection and set-ups — both the WHYS and HOWS.
  • Background selection.
  • Posing and directing for relaxed natural looks.
  • Cropping and Composition.
  • … and much more!

Joe Edelman “Shoots People!“
He is an award winning advertising and editorial photographer, author, educator and model mentor.
His primary target – beautiful people!
Joe’s career has spanned four decades, from his start as a newspaper photojournalist to his work today photographing all types of people for commercial clients and working as an educator and mentor to young talented photographers.
Joe has received both state and national awards for fashion photography as well as photojournalism in the categories of News, Feature and Sports photography.
He is best known for his photographs of beautiful women.
His work has been published in magazines like Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Get Fit and Shape to name but a few. Joe has been called upon to complete assignments for both the New York Times and The Los Angeles Times and has serviced commercial advertising clients from all over the United States.
In addition to his role as photographer, Joe takes great pride in sharing his knowledge via his popular YouTube Channel:  and he is a popular instructor and lecturer at camera clubs, photography events, PPA events and photography workshops across the United States.  He is also an adjunct professor teaching about “The Art of Seeing” at Muhlenberg College in Allentown.
Additionally, Joe has been nationally recognized as an innovator in shaping models portfolios and careers.  Simply put he advise serious models (both new and experienced) about how to market themselves.
He is the author of the popular modeling advice website which contains loads of information and guidance for new and experienced models and well as the most comprehensive modeling agency directory online.
He is often used as a source for television stories as well as newspaper and magazine articles on the subject.
Author: JE Bright references Joe’s writings in his book: America’s Next Top Model: Fierce Guide to Life: The Ultimate Source of Beauty, Fashion, and Model Behavior.
His work is also referenced by author Rif K. Haffar in his book: Roadmap to Stardom: How to Break into Acting in Hollywood
Joe is based in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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abandoned clockmakers time capsule house

PPC June Meeting

And now for something completely different!

(or Urban Exploration)

A Presentation By "Dave of"

June 21, 2022 at 7:00 pm on Zoom

Meeting link information will be emailed to all members on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Freaktography Found Money Abandoned House
Freaktography Found Money Abandoned House
Freaktography Found Money Abandoned House

All images in this article are from
Urban Exploring Photography or Urban Exploration is the study of parts of civilization that are normally unseen or off-limits.

I explore abandoned structures, in addition to drains, rooftops and also active facilities. showcases stories in addition to urban exploration photography to anyone interested in abandoned places or cityscape and rooftopping photography.

Photographing the typically off-limits and unseen parts of civilization. The photographer behind Freaktography is a modern day explorer choosing to seek out and show the wonders and mysteries of our own backyards through unconventional photography and adventurous Urban Exploration.

The work of Freaktography has been featured worldwide in print, online and broadcast appearing in Warner Bro’s “The Flash” and the major motion picture “Lavender”. His work and adventures have been featured across North America on Buzzfeed, The Weather Channel,

Canadian Geographic, CTV News, Petapixel, HGTV and more. Globally he has been featured in The Daily Mail and The Telegraph in the UK as well as dozens of news outlets from Italy to Australia, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Hong Kong.

In the beginning:  In March 2012, before I had ever heard of Urban Exploration Photography or coined the phrase Freaktography a friend told me a story about an old abandoned house in a small town in Ontario. This home was at the end of a street full of beautiful houses with well-manicured yards.  The story of this abandoned and derelict house piqued my interest and I did some research to learn more.

In this research I discovered an entire community of people who visit abandoned places, photograph them and share the photos and stories online, this was called Urban Exploration I had a fairly decent camera at the time so I started driving around the back roads of my community seeking out abandoned places to visit and photograph. I had discovered Urban Exploration Photography thus laying the groundwork for what would become Freaktography.
abandoned, Abandoned Church, abandoned photography, abandoned places, church, creepy, decay, derelict, Freaktography, haunted, haunted places, PEWS, photography, row, rule of thirds, stained glass windows, urban exploration, urban exploration photography, urban explorer, urban exploring, vanishing point
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PPC May Meeting

Alison Mees

Tuesday, May 17th 7:00 PM

Via Zoom

Alison will transport you to Africa by joining her journey through Africa with her photographs and stories from the bush.

Spending 16 years living and working in Africa in the safari industry, supporting community projects and working with researchers in Cheetah observations and Masai communities.

And Something Special Is Coming ...

Besides our normal discussion of club business and recent activities, we will present a brief Curtain Raiser video with a preview of images from Sarina and Bob Cook's recent African Safari vacation.  This will complement our May speaker's discussion of life in Africa.

A complete presentation of pictures from the Cooks' African visit will be the subject of a future PPC meeting.  Stay tuned for that.

Images from Sarina and Bob Cooks African Adventure

April 2022 Pocono Photo Club Meeting

Lewis Katz - Perspective & Perception 1

Perspective and Perception

Lewis Katz

In the most basic sense perspective in photography is in regards to how you hold your camera while composing your image. Do you use a lower angle, a higher angle etc. Do I use a wide angle lens or perhaps a telephoto or maybe even a macro. All of these different lenses will provide a different perspective or your composition. But in reality perspective determines how you are viewing your subject manner and how your are composing the image. Characteristics such as distance between objects, the type of angle used, scale and contrast also determine your perspective in regards to the image. Your perspective is also determined by your previsualization of the subject matter as well as your personal attitudes and beliefs as well as your emotional connection, or lack of connection, to your subject matter.

In the end all of these factors combine to form your perception of the image. This can be as simple as is the image sharp enough, did I compose the image correctly and did I use the correct aperture and shutter speed. But again in the deeper sense you should consider if you gave the subject matter the respect it deserves as well as taking your time to make all of these critical decisions.

In this program I will demonstrate how small changes in your perspective can produce large changes in your perception of your imagery. In the end it is your personal perspective and perception that will connect you to your images as well as connect your viewers to your images.

April 19th, 2022
6:45 PM

* Pocono Photo Club non-members are allowed to attend one free meeting to evaluate our club.  For more information about our club and to join, please visit our website at:

March 2022 Meeting

Image By Dawn Wilson
Image By Dawn Wilson

How To Add WOW! Into Your Wildlife Photos

Dawn Wilson Is Our Speaker

March 15th

6:45 pm to 9:00 pm on Zoom

The meeting link will be emailed to members on the Friday before the meeting.
(Non-Member?  Email for a free visit*.)

Whether you travel to far away destinations or stick to parks close to home, wildlife can be found anywhere and everywhere. We will look at various locations in the northeast where you can have great opportunities to photograph wildlife, general tips for capturing eye-catching wildlife images, and some fun techniques to try to add that extra wow factor into the photos. Although Dawn is based in Estes Park, Colorado, basecamp for Rocky Mountain National Park, she grew up in southern New Jersey and travels throughout the U.S. to photograph wildlife. She will also present some information about how to find those great local locations.

Further Information:

Dawn Wilson, MBA
Dawn Wilson Photography

President, North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA)
Co-host, The Nature Photographer Podcast
Member, Outdoor Writers Association of America
Member, Her Wild Vision Initiative
Member, Nature First
Member, Nikon Professional Services
Certified, Leave No Trace
Master Naturalist
Facebook. •. Instagram

* Pocono Photo Club non-members are allowed to attend one free meeting to evaluate our club.  For more information about our club and to join, please visit our website at:


February 2022 Meeting

Painterly Composition

February 15, 2022
7-9 PM

Via Zoom
(Links emailed to members on the Friday before the meeting)

Mark Battista, Artist and Fine Art Photographer will share his insight on composition to create images that tell a story,  effectively communicate an idea and express an emotion. Come explore ways of taking your photography to a whole new level with a new understanding of compositional organization of image making. Topics covered include:

     ● Line
     ● Shape
     ● Color
     ● Value
     ● Creating a focal point through contrast of tone, color or area of focus
     ● Point of view/ framing a subject
     ● Balance and visual weight vs. "Rules"
     ● Compositional Arrangements to avoid tangents
     ● Working through a composition
     ● Learning from the Masters of Art and Photography

January Meeting

Nancy Ori

The Use of Color To Create A Successful Composition

Tuesday, January 18th

7:00 to 9:00 PM

Via Zoom

Meeting link will be sent to members via email on the Friday before the meeting.


The power of color is inescapable. It is a narrative element with the feelings it provokes. It is important to understand the use of different colors in an artistic composition and be able to take advantage of its impact. Color affects your behavior, moods, and thoughts with reactions that are often deeply personal and rooted in your own experiences. In this discussion and slide presentation, Nancy Ori will cover the essential qualities and psychology of color to create a successful composition.



Photographer Nancy J. Ori and the New Jersey Media Center, LLC, is a studio specializing in commercial photography based in central New Jersey. Nancy Ori, owner of New Jersey Media Center, LLC in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, is respected internationally as an commercial photographer, photography instructor and video producer. The team specializes in product photography, food photography and photographing artwork for archival and presentation purposes.

Nancy Ori Commercial Photography

If you would like to follow-up with Nancy's work, contact her at her email address to be placed on her mailing list:

The photo group site that Nancy mentioned:

Nancy's Workshops Site:


December Meeting

You Shine PPC!
December 21, 2021
7-9 PM
Via Zoom

The members of PPC take center stage at our December meeting.  All are invited to participate by sending in 3 of their favorite pictures taken during 2021.  We take turns sharing about the images and why we selected them as our favorites.  Images should be sent to Bob Hare by December 15th via Drop Box at this link:

December is also the month we announce the results of our Executive Committee selection.  Voting takes place on line this year from December 12-19, 2021.  Members will be invited to cast their ballot via a club-wide email.

So grab some Christmas cookies, hot chocolate and join the fun!
Watch your email for the Zoom link to our annual holiday celebration.



with Jennifer Khordi

Phenomenal moon shots and spectacular skylines basked in the rays of a setting sun don't just happen.  Sometimes they take weeks and months of planning.  Jennifer Khordi has mastered the technique of capturing the moon at just the right moment and in the perfect spot when it comes to NYC.  This November she'll join us via Zoom for our monthly meeting and discuss how she achieves those amazing shots.  Watch your email for the link to the meeting which will take place on November 16, 2021 from 7 to 9 pm.

You can see a preview of Jennifer's work at

Images by Jennifer Khordi


We're Geared Up for Fun

And ready to learn.  You've seen their pictures and admired them.  You've probably also wondered how they do it.  Now you can see and hear how your favorite PPC photographers approach their photography and pull it all together.  PPC is staying "in house" this October exploring the equipment and processing programs of some of our favorite photographers: Dick Ludwig, Eric Goins and Ray Roper.  Our president Ann LeFevre will also discuss compositional balance and basic editing tips such as cropping and easy post processing steps to take a "so-so" photo to a good shot.

The October meeting will take place on

OCTOBER 19, 2021
7-9 PM

Watch your email for the Zoom link which will be sent out prior to the monthly meeting and join in for an informative evening.

60 Minutes in Dhobi Ghat

with Michael Chinnici

September 21, 2021
7-9 pm
via Zoom

What if you were given an opportunity to photograph a unique but rarely seen area in one of Mumbai's most populated slums but you were only given access for one hour and could only bring one camera and one lens?  Furthermore it was stipulated that you could only take your photographs in black and white.  Would you take the opportunity?  Michael Chinnici did and this month's presentation is the result of that amazing experience.  Michael is an established photojournalist who owns and operates Photo Workshop Adventures which offers a unique blend of vacation and educational photo tours to its clients. 

He also publishes "Think Orange" magazine which features articles on an eclectic blend of travel, photography, adventure, art, culture, technology, people and more. 

September's meeting will feature the images Michael captured on his journey and experience in Mumbai's Dhobi Ghat.  It promises to be another moving and inspirational presentation.  Watch your email for the zoom link just prior to September 21st.

August Monthly Meeting

Landscape Photography
with Nic Stover

August 17, 2021
7-9 PM via Zoom

There are 5 types of scenes that are most commonly encountered by nature and landscape photographers.  This presentation focuses on the techniques used to capture these images, what the vision was for the scene, and processing these images by taking into account the variables that make each scene a little different than another.  


Through this presentation you will learn ways to help you to discover how you could look at these distinct areas differently, see some simple ways to discover new places, and have greater confidence to express yourself in new ways. 


We will review best practices for these 5 distinct types of scenes.  

1. Exploring Arid Lands (Desert Photography)

2. Discovering the Wispy & Magical (Seascapes Photography)

3. Empowered by Grandeur (Grand Landscapes Photography)

4. The beauty of the small (Intimate Landscapes / Small Scenes photography)

5. Things that go Click in the Night (Night Photography)


For each of these different scenes we will review some best practices of in field capture, talk about processing methods, review special considerations for scene specific captures, review the challenges in fainter light and higher detail scenes, and so much more! 


The last portion of the presentation will be a demonstration of the power of local adjustments’ vs. global adjustments and how can you align depth, texture, luminosity, sharpness, and focus on your processing and by using the tools in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. 


This review will help you to discover how you could be looking at these distinct areas differently, see some simple ways to discover new places, and have greater confidence to express yourself in new ways. 


photo by Nic Stover

July 2021 Meeting


The 2021 Scavenger Hunt is Over.
Which Club will take home the prize?

Scavenger Hunt judge and Fine Art Photographer Jim LaSala joins us on July 20th via Zoom from 7 to 9 pm to reveal the photos he chose as winners in this year's joint Scavenger Hunt between the Palmerton Photo Club and the Pocono Photo Club.  He'll share with us the winners of each category and the Best Group of Seven as well as the thought process he went through in choosing the winners.  We'll also see some of his work as well. 

Jim LaSala was born and raised in Brooklyn NY.  He currently resides in Flemington, New Jersey.   He specializes in documentary and Fine Art photography reproducing his images on Moab fine art paper as one of their Master Photographers.  As an educator Jim leads workshops and seminars on local, state, regional and international platforms and has earned awards at all levels from the likes of Fuji, Kodak and Lexjet. His work has appeared in PDN Magazine, Lens Work, Silvershotz and on the cover of Professional Photographer.  But documenting and photographing the people and country of Haiti has been a journey that changed his life.  “They are a country with so little, yet so proud”, he says.  You can see more of Jim’s work on his website by visiting

June Meeting

The Wild Lives of Wildlife

Award Winning Wildlife Photographer

Kate Garibaldi

Kate Garibaldi is an award winning photographer recognized by National Geographic Travel, the National Wildlife Federation, Outdoor Photographer, and Photo District News for her exceptional landscape and wildlife photography. As a wildlife photographer, educator, and writer she has traveled the world to create a portfolio of nature art and writing. In this presentation, Kate will explain her process of using a photojournalist approach to create storytelling imagery. She will share her secrets to success as a full time wildlife photographer, show behind the scenes, and answer your questions about wildlife and nature photography.

June 15, 2021
7-9 pm

Watch your email for the Zoom link to this inspiring program!  Log in begins at 6:45 pm.

From Capture to Print: The Art of
Black and White Photography

With Lewis Katz

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
7-9 PM
on Zoom

Lewis had a camera in his hand from the age of 14.  Inspired by his father he began to explore photography more seriously in high school with a darkroom in the basement.  Fast forward many years to his life in Baltimore and his joining the Baltimore Camera Club.  Further inspired by his peers Lewis became an award winning photographer and photography teacher.  He currently teaches at Johns Hopkins University, the Community College of Baltimore Country, Capital Photography Center out of DC as well as at the Baltimore Camera Club.  He lives for the aha! moments which only teaching can provide.


By first looking at some black and white images from iconic photographers we will discuss the reasons to convert to monochrome : timelessness, contrast, mood, pattern and emotion.  Using personal imagery the black and white conversion process will be demonstrated using both Lightroom as well as Nik software.  Why you should always shoot in color and then convert to monochrome and the importance of the color channels in the conversion process.  The emotional impact of black and white versus color will also be discussed.  How to create more dramatic and powerful images using contrast as well as creative composition.  This presentation is a unique combination of the “how to” with the “why and when” which sets it apart from other programs in regards to black and white photography.

Watch your email box for the Zoom link
to this excellent program!

Download Lewis' Presentation Notes

Lewis Katz Speaker Material Handout

Please take a brief survey for Lewis Katz

A Brief Survey

Alan Shapiro

April Meeting

Floral Photography
with Alan Shapiro

April 20, 2021
7-9 pm

Macro Photography: If you’re not smiling, you’re doing it wrong

Join Alan Shapiro as he shares his floral work and workflow along with lots of stories and some creative exercises that will have you smiling ear to ear every time you visit a garden.

Alan’s floral photography has been used in the launch campaigns for Apple Computer’s iPhones, throughout the hospital set for ABC Televisions The Good Doctor and as wall-sized murals in Bose Stores and Ritz Carlton Hotels worldwide. He is a passionate teacher known for getting his students out of their comfort zone.



February Meeting

with Marie Altenburg

February 16, 2021

A texture can transform a simple snapshot into a work of art.  In this presentation, you will learn how to apply textures to your photographs for creative and artistic results.  You will also learn how to create your own textures as you process your images into artistic renditions of the original photo.  Award-winning master photographer Marie Altenburg will join PPC on February 16, 2021 from 7-9 pm via Zoom and share some of her tips and techniques on textures with our club.  Save the date today!

Crafting Better Landscape Images
Kai-Wai Lin

March 16, 2021
7-9 pm

Professional landscape photographer, goodwill ambassador of the PSA, and lecturer for Fuji Film Kah-Wai Lin is coming to the Pocono Photo Club to share 4 pro tips on seeing the unseen & crafting better images in landscape photography.  Lin will show us how to use lights to create visual emotion, how long exposure can be used to create visual dynamism, using your field of vision to create visual perspective and finally, how to use composition to create visual continuity and story.  You can see Lin's amazing landscapes on his website or his Facebook page:,


January 19, 2021
7-9 pm


January's meeting will have you reaching for the stars with Ken Volpe of

This session will feature a beginner’s guide to astrophotography using a DSLR or Mirrorless camera and standard camera lenses. Astrophotography includes both near and far extraterrestrial objects with a wide variety of shooting tools and techniques to capture them. We will break down the differences of each of these methods and discuss how they can be used to capture amazing shots of the night sky. Ken will also highlight the best practices, locations and circumstances to start collecting beautiful images of the heavens!  Your zoom link to join this meeting will be sent out prior to January 19th.  Login time starts at 6:45 pm.


Please note:  We will not be covering the specific use of telescopes.

December Meeting

December 15, 2020
It's our members' turn to shine!

While many folks are welcoming the end of a trying year, PPC is planning on taking a look at the positive things we experienced this year.  December’s meeting will feature a retrospective look at our transition from public meetings to Zoom, the expanding of our Shoot Outs from physical to virtual, the speakers who inspired us, members who made a difference, photographers who were featured as our Photographer of the Month, and how some of us found new ways to develop our photography without leaving the safe haven of our homes.  We’ll also spend time sharing pictures from the past or current year and why they are meaningful to us.  And although we won’t be able to share those Christmas goodies in person, we’re encouraging everyone to have a cup of their favorite holiday beverage and a plate of holiday goodies by the computer when the meeting starts. 


This year as we celebrate the Holiday Season on Zoom, we'd like you to submit one-to-three of your favorite pictures (past or present) to share with your fellow Pocono Photo Club members in a group picture showing during our annual holiday meeting.  This is a great way to get to know your fellow members and for them to get to know you!


What kind of pictures should you submit?  Here are some possibilities...

  • Pictures that show your evolution as a photographer
  • A personal or family event that that stands out in your life
  • Pictures that, for whatever reason, hold special meaning to you in your life
  • Pictures that tell a unique or interesting story
  • Pictures that have a funny or interesting story about how they came to be
  • A photo that turned out completely different from what you intended - for the better
  • One of those photos that occurred when the stars were aligned to result in a one-in-a-million result
  • Pictures that taught you something about technique - after you took them
  • Or, pictures that you just like and keep coming back to

There are two ways to submit your special pictures:


You may send them as email attachments to Bob Hare at




Drop them off at a private Dropbox site (no Dropbox membership required): 2020 Favorite Pictures


Remember, your images do not have to have been taken in 2020 - they just have to be your favorites now. And they can be your favorites for your personal reasons - any reasons. As with all of our activities, please avoid pictures with political or other controversial topics.


Image Sizes: Please submit your images in a .jpg or .png format with the longest edge at least 2000 pixels so that they will look their best on Zoom. If your pride and joy is smaller than that size, submit the largest image you have. The total image file size should not exceed 10 megabytes, and will be downsized if it exceeds that.


Filename: Please create a filename that includes your name and "2020 Favorites" and a number to sequence the pictures in the order that you desire.


Example: "Sam Shutter-2020 Favorites-1" the final number will determine the order of presentation for your images. Spaces in the filename are fine.


Last Submission Date: Please submit your images no later than Sunday, December 13th. Due to workloads, images submitted after that date may not be included in the event. Earlier is better than later.



John Barclay

Discovery and the Creative Choice

Have you ever struggled with thoughts that your images aren't good enough?  Do fears, uncertainty and doubt inhibit your ability to find something to photograph?  You are not alone!  During his years as a professional John has seen many photographers struggle with the same feelings.  And he has had them too!  This autobiographical program will present you with ideas, concepts and images to help you overcome these three roadblocks that every photographer faces.  A perennial favorite of the Pocono Photo Club, John's program is designed to inspire any level of photographer so watch for the email containing the Zoom link to November's meeting and join in.

November 17, 2020
7-9 PM


November Meeting Follow-up Information 

In November's Pocono Photo Club meeting, professional photographer John Barclay returned to us to present an inspirational talk about how to "photograph what makes your heart sing". With the current health conditions and winter weather approaching, his presentation was well presented and well received. John not only photographs from the heart - he speaks from the heart!

John asked us to add this comment:

“Thank you for coming and listening tonight.  You made me feel very welcome and I appreciate that."

Meeting Recording: John graciously permitted us to record his presentation. The meeting recording is currently being edited and will be available shortly with an email notification to members.


Additional Presentation Materials: In addition, John provided us with the presentation notes for his talk, and an inspirational ebook fittingly entitled: Photograph What Makes Your Heart Sing providing further explanation of his philosophy of photography with many compelling images.


John's Speaker Notes (1.2mb pdf download):  Discovery & the Creative Choice - John Barclay Lecture Notes


John's eBook (8.5mb pdf download):  Make Your Heart Sing

Recommended Book: Photography and the Creative Life by Nancy Rotenberg can be found for sale at:  Natural Tapestries


October Meeting

Zoo Photography

Scalera 2

John Scalera
October 20, 2020
7-9 pm on Zoom

John Scalera is passionate about the world we live in and the animals who share it with us.  From the stoic pose of a lioness to the smallest insect he believes there is an inexplicable bond forged between all living things which he is able to capture through the lens of his camera.  At October's meeting John will discuss how his workflow, composition, lighting, equipment, settings and techniques enable him to capture intimate and powerful portraits of the animals he photographs.  Each image will be analyzed on how it was created and the post processing that enhanced it along with tips on how to make your own shots better.  Join us via Zoom by using the link provided in our club email prior to the meeting and experience John's awe-inspiring images for yourself.

September Meeting

and the
Art of Graphic Elements
Frank Smith
September 15, 2020
7-9 PM on Zoom

Frank Smith is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys capturing a variety of subjects; a favorite being architecture. His unique perspective is evidenced in pictures buildings - both old and new.  With an artful perspective he captures the lines and details that are often missed by the common passerby. Frank also, through various in-camera techniques is able to highlight the sky & other details through a live composite technique that creates a dynamic image.

From his hometown with the old Bethlehem Steel Plant to inside penitentiaries and other urban decay projects, Frank has a portfolio of building images depicting those places as they were at a particular place in time. He also has the ability to see what others do not by highlighting the graphic elements that would otherwise be missed.  In September's meeting Frank will share the view through his lens and also talk about how he processes his images.  We know you will enjoy this architectural journey with Frank Smith.

The link for this meeting will be provided by email several days before the meeting.  Mark your calendars now and save the date! 

August Meeting


An Artistic Photographer
Lies in ALL of Us!

Lisa Langell

 August 18, 2020
7:00-8:30 PM

     We as photographers often want to be more innovative and creative, but our own mental barriers can “prevent” the creative process from happening. One of the biggest mental blocks is simply believing, “I’m not a very creative person.”  Lisa’s “Mythbusters” style approach will help you to break down the barriers to creativity and teach you how to exercise your creativity through real-world examples and activities which we will complete during the session.

     Lisa Langell is a full-time, award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in numerous prestigious publications including the cover of Outdoor Photographer magazine, plus numerous images in Arizona Highways, Ranger Rick, art galleries and more.  She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the North American Nature Photography Association.  She is also a proud ambassador for Tamron, FotoPro, and H&Y filters.  Prior to becoming a professional photographer, Lisa worked as a floral designer, licensed psychologist, an educational consultant and university professor, as well the Chief Business Development Officer for an education technology company.  She loves combining her diverse background and skills into her photographic art and instruction.  You may read more about her or see her work at

      Lisa will be presenting her program to our club via her own website.  To join this portion of the August meeting you will need to register for it at:


  Please note there is a disclaimer that must be signed before joining the webinar which describes how the webinar will run and what Lisa will do with the recorded presentation and information collected when you register.

Not Recorded - Search "Lisa Langell" on YouTube for her videos.


will take place after the webinar

8:30-9:00 pm

Once Lisa's webinar is over, PPC will hold a brief Zoom meeting to feature our Photographer of the Month, view our Shoot Out pictures from July and go over club announcements.  There is a separate link and log-in for this portion of the August meeting.

We'll see you in August!

July Meeting

An Introduction to Street Photography
with James Maher

July 21, 2020
7-9 pm

            Photographer, author, instructor and licensed NYC photographic tour guide, James Maher will come to PPC this month via Zoom with his program “An Introduction to Street Photography, from Beginner to Advanced Topics”.   This session will cover a wide range of street photography topics, beginning with an introduction to the genre and progressing through intermediate and advanced topics. We will cover everything from how to setup and use your camera, to tips and tricks to make street photography easier and more comfortable, to street photography in quiet and suburban areas, and to overall conceptual issues in street photography, such as telling a story and creating a portfolio or project. 

James’ Resources:

A History of Street Photographers:

The Best Street Photography Books to Start Your Collection:

Top Cameras for Street Photography:

The Essentials of Street Photography & Street Photography Conversations (Code ‘PPC’ for 50% off):

NYC Photo Tours & Workshops (For when the pandemic is over!):

View a recording of July's informative meeting at:

Members Only Materials


DSLR and Mirrorless Videos
Ken Volpe

June 16, 2020
6:45 pm

     Ken Volpe, will return to PPC in June to speak about his latest endeavors with hand-held videos.  Ken is an enthusiastic speaker whose passion and humor always entertains us.  The presentation entitled “DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Videos” will include general discussion on the ingredients of a good video, lighting, wide, medium and close framing, cinematography, camera motion and production tools as well as the process of producing and editing videos.  There will also be some specific discussion on primary focus and a “show and tell” segment relating to the tools and methods used to produce a video with a handheld DSLR or Mirrorless camera.  

    The gear and settings needed to achieve a good video will also be featured.  A question and answer period will close out the evening.  This Zoom presentation will be presented direct from Ken’s Wabbit.Works studio in Bethlehem, Pa. so plan to sign on early so you don’t miss a thing!  An email with the Zoom link for our June 16, 2020 meeting will be sent out a few days prior to the meeting so watch your email for details and the log in time (6:45 pm).




Bird Portraiture with Scott Keys

As a birder and outdoor enthusiast, Scott’s work is focused on avian photography, but he enjoys all wildlife.  Scott photographs year round, changing his subjects and the locale of his photographs with the season and type of birds he hopes to capture.  One look at his website and you will be inspired!  In his presentation for our May meeting Scott will share both the insight he gains from hours of studying bird behavior and tips on catching the perfect portrait of our feathered friends.
Our May online meeting was our second virtual meeting.  Attendance was very good and our speaker, Scott Keys, gave an amazing presentation of his photographic work with birds.

If you would like to see more of Scott's capture of the natural avian world, check out the following sites:




Scott Keys ( (@skeysimages) • Instagram photos and videos


Wildlife Inspired


S.Keys Images - Home

Scott Keys (SKeysImages) Photos

A video recording of this meeting is available for viewing for members only.

PPC Members Only Materials 


April 21, 2020
6:45 PM

ON-LINE for the first time!

Victory in the Pacific

Photos by
Laurinda Faye

Laurinda Faye is an award-winning photographer whose pictures have been shown in a number of galleries throughout Northeast Pennsylvania.  She has also had two photos chosen to be featured on billboards in Monroe County through the ArtPop competition.  She is best known for her beautiful and etheral flower shots but in March of 2019 Laurinda had the distinct honor of participating in the World War II Museum Educational Tour to Pearl Harbor, Guam, Saipan and Iwo Jima.  

This presentation will take you through the tour as she documented history with her camera in the Pacific Islands where World War II was fought and won for America.  Her powerful images tell not only her own story but those of the brave men and women of our country who fought and died for our freedom on those distant shores.  

The April meeting will be held on April 21, 2020, signing in on Zoom at 6:45 pm.  An email will be sent out to club members instructing them on how to log in soon.

A video recording of this meeting is available for viewing for members only.

PPC Members Only Materials 



Due to the COVID-19 virus our March Meeting, scheduled for March 17, 2020 from 7 to 9 pm at the Norhtampton Community College, Monroe Campus was regrettably cancelled.  




Watch your email for the link to this year's WWYD pics. Select one, or up to 5 pictures to edit.  Play with it to your processing heart's content and submit the photos by the designated date before our monthly meeting.  

In February we'll review all the entries and vote for our favorites.  It's always fun to see the creative and varied ways people have changed, altered or morphed the base picture into something completely different.  

This year's competition results are now available at:
What Would You Do 2020 Results
You can view last year's submissions here:

What Would You Do 2019 - The Rest of the Story!

January Meeting

Matthew Giambra
of the Monroe County Conservation District

January 21, 2020
7-9 PM
Keystone Building
Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus
Rt. 715, Tannersville, PA.

Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwaring stated in their book Extraordinary Everyday Photography that “Wonderful things are hiding almost anywhere, if you just look”.  Along that line we often think that getting an extraordinary landscape shot or that one of a kind nature shot involves traveling to some distant land half way around the world.  Not all of us can do that so how do we discover the extraordinary photos in our “own backyard”?  

Enter this month’s speaker, Matthew Giambra of the Monroe County Conservation District.  Matthew’s job involves providing programs to the public which revolve around nature.  Since nature and landscape photography are some of his passions, his desire is to host photo walks and trips or any type of experience regarding photography.  Matthew’s presentation will feature some of the opportunities the Conservation District has to offer but also allow our club to offer some input on future programs the organization could host.  

The meeting will take place on January 21, 2020 from 7 to 9 pm in the Keystone building of Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus, 2411 Rt. 715, Tannersville, PA. 18372.

Don't let the chill in the winter air keep you from
an enjoyable evening with your fellow photographers!


Annual Holiday Party and 
Executive Committee Elections

PPC’s annual holiday party will be the focal point of our December meeting.  Our first order of business though will be to elect the 2020 executive committee officers.  Ann LeFevre has been nominated for president, Eric Goins as First Vice President and Carrie Strohl has been slated for the Second Vice President position.  Bill Keenan, Dick Ludwig and Bob Hare will remain in the positions of secretary, treasurer and webmaster respectively.  

Once the business is out of the way, the festivities will start!  We’ll munch on our favorite holiday goodies and have a good time sharing photos with one another.  Each year we select a theme and encourage members to bring in photos to match it.  This year we’ve chosen “The Four Seasons”. You can show your printed images in a traditional frame format (collage or individually) or why not get creative and create your own display?  The photos do not have to be current or of the same subject and they can be any size (as long as you can carry them!).  Be prepared to share a little bit about your images or your favorite season- be brave!  There may be a prize or two!  Want to help out with the holiday cheer?  We’re looking for members who’ll bring cookies or their favorite snacks and some beverages.  Bring them to the meeting or contact Sarina ( or Ann ( for suggestions on what to bring.

December 17, 2019 from 7-9 pm 
in the Keystone building of Northampton Community College
Monroe Campus, 2411 Rt. 715, Tannersville, Pa.,18372



Your Christmas Wish List
with Stroudsburg Foto Shop

There'll be 36 days until Christmas when our November meeting rolls around.  Do your friends and family know what you want?  

Join Dave Butler of Stroudsburg Foto at this month's meeting and he'll help you compile a list of the perfect photo based gifts for you!  There are quite a few innovative and useful products to spur your creativity or move your photos to the next level so join us on November 19th and see what they are!

November 19, 2019
7-9 pm
Keystone Building, Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus
2411 Rt. 715, Tannersville, PA. 18372

October Meeting

Pixel Stick Light Writing
with photographer Nicole Hasidaris

Light painting is a technique you can use to create fascinating images. To do it you need to photograph at night or in low light situations, use long exposure, and have a light source. You can divide light painting into two types, those that you do in front of the camera, and those you do with the camera.  One of the more dynamic forms of light painting which is becoming very popular is the use of pixel sticks.  

A pixel stick is a long tubular light which can be programmed to create different colors and patterns.  The stick is twisted, turned and woven across the area being photographed while the camera shutter remains open for a long exposure.  The result is a ribbon of colorful light which moves fluidly across the image.  

This month's meeting will feature a demonstration and instruction on how to produce these amazing images with some hands-on application as well.  

The October meeting will take place on October, 15, 2019

from 7 to 9 pm

in the Keystone Building of Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus, Rt. 715, Tannersville PA.  


Members are welcome to bring cameras and tripods to photograph the demonstration.

September Meeting

The History of Photography
with Chris Karfakis

The history of photography will be the topic of discussion at our September meeting- with special attention to those days before digital cameras and “selfies” became popular as well how big names like Kodak missed the boat when digital cameras first sailed onto the market. 

This comprehensive yet informal program covers the rich background of historical images, processes and leaders of the craft delivered by a man whose passion for the genre is widely recognized by his peers.  

Born in Philadelphia, Pa. Chris Karfakis developed his love for photography as a young child. He earned a degree in Chemistry from Temple University, served in the U.S. Navy, ran his family’s business and also opened his own natural food store.  

He continued to pursue his love of photography by focusing his interests on early photographic processes and collecting antique and vintage cameras. When he started collecting images produced by those cameras too, the idea to create a lecture series using his knowledge and expertise grew. We all know how photography has played a part in recording history but it is also a direct link to our personal histories.  

You won’t want to miss this informative presentation complete with authentic examples from photography’s early days.   

The September meeting will take place on September 17, 2019 from 7 to 9 pm in the Keystone Building at NCC Monroe Campus, 2411 Rt. 715, Tannersville, PA.


August 20, 2019

Presented by photographer Arik Gorban


From the moment your finger presses the shutter to the final print your picture is filled with a number of decisions that you make to determine its outcome.  Arik's extensive experience in analog photography, darkroom work, digital imaging and processing and numerous photographic genres provide him with the insight to guide and instruct other photographers through the process of expressing their own unique style and vision.  This month's presentation includes a live, interactive demonstration of tips and techniques including post processing tools such as Photoshop and several plug-ins which aid in making your picture the best it can be.

Our meeting will take place on August 20, 2019 from 7 to 9 pm in the Keystone Building of
Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus which is located at
2411 Rt. 715, Tannersville, Pa. 18372.

To see more of Arik's work visit his website:

Arik has provided notes for his presentation that may be found in our website Documents Section or by following this link:
Arik Gorban - In Control – Critical Steps in Image Making

And from a previous Monthly Meeting (circa 2016) presentation by Arik:
Arik Gorban - Photography & Visualizations


The Beauty of the New Jersey Pine Barrens

as photographed by

Richard Lewis

Photographer:  Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis has been a professional and fine art photographer since the 1970’s with a passion for landscapes, abandoned buildings and interesting people. He uses both a professional digital camera and an iPhone to create his work.

Richard’s inspiration comes from landscape painters and has developed a style he calls "Painting with a Camera”. This involves equal effort in both creating and post processing an image.

Richard is an active photography blogger, lecturer, instructor and conducts workshops in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and other places to help photographers find their unique creative voice.  

To see some of his work, visit:

At July's meeting Richard will share images captured in one of New Jersey's most unique and diverse ecosystems.  You won't want to miss this!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 7-9 pm

Keystone Building
Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus

2411 Rt. 715, Tannersville, PA. 18372


June's meeting will feature all the entries of this year's Scavenger Hunt.  Our judge, Peter Gourniak will review the entries and explain why he chose the winners.  Peter will also share insight to some of his own photography.  Which photo club will remain on top?  Will Palmerton retain their title or will PPC come out on top?  It should be a fun evening discovering who the winners are!

The meeting will be held on June 18, 2019, from 7 to 9 PM in the Keystone Building of Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus.  The college is located at 2411 Rt. 715 in Tannersville, Pa. 18372.


PPC May Meeting

Creative Bird Photography

Ray Hennessy

May 21st at 7:00 to 9:00 PM

What makes an artistic bird photo different then just a standard documentary bird portrait. Ray Hennessy will be discussing and showing all the methods he uses such as light, space, bokeh, getting close, capturing action and using hides to create the unique bird photos that are a joy to look at. 

Ray will be sharing over 100 photos captured over the past 10 years that show these different methods in practice and discussing more in depth how he implements the techniques while shooting.

Be ready for a wide variety of unique and different bird photos!

Photographer:  Ray Hennessy

Ray Hennessy's Background:

Starting in 2007 my fascination with nature photography began. In the years since, wildlife photography with a focus on birds has become a very passionate hobby of mine. I spend most of my free time in natural areas searching for birds and any other wildlife that comes along. 

I concentrate on using creative natural lighting and interesting compositions to capture unique images of common and rare wildlife. My favorite style is a more scenic photo that includes some of the habitat wildlife lives in.

Photographer:  Ray Hennessy


Introduction To Extreme Macro Photography

Bradley Teets

The world of extreme macro photography reveals details beyond what the human eye can perceive.  

Bradley Teets shared his passion and expertise in working with this fascinating genre of photography.  He discussed both his photos and the equipment he uses to capture his exquisite images.   The following slideshow shows some of Brad's work. 

For a PDF document version of his full presentation, please go to the Members menu and select Documents (Here) and then Speaker & Workshop Notes where you will find a downloadable pdf version of Brad's informative full Intro To Extreme Macro Photography presentation.

Note:  You must be logged in as a PPC Member in order to access this area

Extreme Macro





March Meeting Report

A good time was had by all at the PPC March Meeting, where members had the opportunity to do close-up photography of items of nature.

Thanks to Jeannie Carl from the Carbon County Environmental Education Center for providing our Club with a unique collection of interesting items for close-up and macro photography.  Members were free to use their imaginations - and they did.  Some pictures from that meeting have already been posted in the Member Albums section of this website.  

Go take a look at what your fellow members have posted and then upload your own album with your most interesting or beautiful images.


February 19, 2019

What Would You Do?

Put your creative hat on and warm up your image editor software!

Our popular WWYD (What Would You Do?) Club meeting returns in February. 

The Executive Committee has collected a number of nondescript photos for you to play around with in whatever way you see fit. There are 10 photos to choose from and you may submit up to 5 creatively modified pictures for the February meeting. 

It’s fun to let your creative juices flow and wash away those winter grays with photo-processing.

There are no constraints on the post processing you're allowed to do. 

You may do as much or as little post processing as you wish - the sky's the limit.  Let your imagination and creativity tell you what to do! Tweak the color, crop or process the shot in any way your creativity takes you.


View All Of the WWYD Photo Entries:

All WWYD Images By Category



Hidden Pho-tential

If you're into home improvement shows, you're probably familiar with TLC's Hidden Potential.  January's meeting will feature PPC's unique take on that idea with an evening where photographers can bring up to 3 photos on a flash drive and our expert members will help you to discover the potential within each shot.  Round tables with laptops will provide the ability to view, discuss and even experiment with some basic photo-processing to bring out the best in your shot.  

January 15, 2019
7-9 pm

Keystone Building
Northampton Community College
Monroe Campus
2411 Rt. 715 Tannersville, PA 18372

Holiday Party
December 18, 2018
7-9  pm

Keystone Building
Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus

2018 is about to draw to an end which means it’s a good time to pull out all the pictures you’ve taken this year and choose your favorites to share at our December meeting.  Members are encouraged to bring up to 5 pictures of their choice to the meeting to share with the club, tell a little bit about the photo and why it’s your favorite.  It could be a picture of a loved one blowing out birthday candles or a beautiful view you saw on vacation- the options are endless and there are no technical requirements (other than the jpg format if you’re sending us a digital file).  And while we’re enjoying each other’s handiwork, we’ll be munching on some holiday goodies too!  Submitting digitally?  Send your file(s) labeled with your name to this dropbox: (click here for quick access)

The December meeting will take place on December 18, 2018 from 7-9 pm in the Keystone Building, Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus, 2411 Rt. 715, Tannersville, PA. 18372

November Meeting:
Drone Photography

Ken Volpe

November 20, 2018
7-9 PM 

in the Keystone Building
Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus 

To some, the Big Bang theory describes the start of the universe. To those in the drone industry, it describes the ever expanding markets of which drones have become a part.  Drone use has exploded in every direction from photography, to videography, surveillance, life safety, law enforcement, inspections, mapping, 3D modeling, agriculture, and construction. Drones are part of our world and they are here to stay. They come in all shapes and sizes and Ken will show us an assortment from entry level consumer drones to highly advanced multi-camera drones, with price tags ranging from $300 to well over $10,000 and everything in between. In this session, Ken will briefly discuss the various types of drones in the market, how they are used, along with their capabilities. He’ll then focus on their specific applicability and capability to take your photography and videography to a new level, both figuratively and literally!  He’ll have a few drones on display that are at various price points and he’ll demonstrate flying one or more of them to showcase how easy they are to operate and how immensely capable they are.  Ken is an FAA Licensed Remote Pilot in Command and he will talk about the various regulations that exist in the world of drones and how these regulations are changing. He’ll also discuss hobby-use versus commercial-use of drones and the differences in regulations as well as where to get training and the path to become a commercial remote pilot in command.  Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and, depending on time and circumstances may have an opportunity to test fly a drone!

Ken's presentations are always entertaining and he has quickly become one of our favorite speakers.  So don't miss out on this one!  See you in November!

October 16, 2018
7-9 PM
Keystone Building, Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus

            Have you ever looked at a nice picture of someone but weren’t sure whether you liked it or not?  Most likely it had to do with the pose.  In our October meeting Anthony Lorenc will discuss and demonstrate the difference between posing male and female subjects in a way that they won’t realize they’re being posed resulting in natural and becoming portraits.  Come ready to participate and a prize awaits the night’s best “poser”!

Anthony Lorenc’s passion for photography began in 1976.  He has taught the subject in New Jersey and Pennsylvania schools including NCC.  He has even “made a little money” at it running a successful photography business.  Anthony has also authored a book on photography, Guide to Digital SLR Photography, which is available on Amazon.

September Meeting
September 18, 2018
7-9 PM
Keystone Building, Northampton Community College
Monroe Campus

Join us for an informative meeting with professional photographer Bonnie McCaffery as she explains how to use and master textures, overlays and more to enhance and beautify your pictures.

August Meeting
August 21, 2018

7-9 PM, Keystone Building
North Hampton Community College, Monroe Campus

Donna McCartney of DM Studios
Delaware Water Gap, Pa.

Donna will be presenting ways to properly mat and frame your photos using archival products and different types of glass.  At the close of the program there will be a mat cutting demonstration and standard mats for sale.

July Meeting
July 17, 2018
Discover the beauty of abandoned places with

Richard Lewis, Photographer

Richard Lewis has been a professional and fine art photographer since the 1970’s with a passion for landscapes, abandoned buildings and interesting people. He uses both a professional digital camera and an iPhone to create his work.

Richard’s inspiration comes from landscape painters and has developed a style he calls "Painting with a Camera”. This involves equal effort in both creating and post processing an image.

Richard is an active photography blogger, lecturer, instructor and conducts workshops in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and other places to help photographers find their unique creative voice.  To see some of his work, visit:

Richard's presentation is entitled Hidden Treasures - Photographing Abandoned Buildings 
and he describes it this way, "There is a certain allure of abandoned places that attracts photographers. This presentation will show my work with abandoned buildings. It also covers specific approaches to photographing the strange an surreal beauty of forgotten places safely and without getting arrested." 

The curtain raiser will be presented by Ken Winham.
Photos will also be selected for the RESCUEdog exhibit coming to Dunning Gallery in the Fall.

The July meeting will take place at Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus, 2411 Rt. 715, Tannersville, PA. 18372 on July 17, 2018 from 7 to 9 PM.

Scavenger Hunt Promo photo


The results are in for the 2018 Scavenger Hunt and the judge's decisions have been recorded.  Tonight's meeting will reveal which photographers have won each category and the overall top awards.  Will Palmerton retain the Club Title or will our club snatch it away?  Come on out and see for yourself!  We'll also be selecting by popular vote some new pieces to add to our permanent display.  We'll select from a number of images chosen by our president from the member albums on our website.  The June meeting will be held on June 19, 2018 from 7 to 9 pm at Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus, Rt. 715 in Tannersville Pa. in the Keystone Building.

Results for the 2018 Scavenger Hunt can be viewed here:



What is a daguerreotype?  Who is Matthew Brady?  Steve Jobs?  And what does he have to do with photography?!  
Photographs are a direct link to our history. From the development process, to the context of iconic photos, there is so much to discover. Learn about the different forms and the evolution of this process throughout the years with the lecture, “The Evolution of Photography” by Chris Karfakis.


Born in Philadelphia, Chris developed his love for photography as a young child. A longtime resident of Easton, he attended Temple University as a chemistry major later serving in the US Navy. He ran his family business, eventually opening up his own natural food store. Throughout it all, he continued to pursue his love of photography, focusing on early photographic practices. He began collecting cameras and images, eventually realizing that all of his knowledge and experience could be used to create a lecture series.  PPC will benefit from Chris’ passion and knowledge at our May meeting.  Join us on May 15th from 7 to 9 pm in the Keystone Building of Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus, 2411 Rt. 715, Tannersville, Pa. 18372.   

Curtain Raiser by Janice Giannolla.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 7 pm
How to Capture Stunning Dance and Performance Images On and Off the Stage

If you want to really up your game when it comes to photographing actors, dancers and other performers on and off the stage (whether at a Preschool or Carnegie Hall), this is a program you won’t want to miss. Ron Wyatt, International Photo Tour Leader and Two-Time Olympic Games Photographer, will cover a wide range of topics as he displays his inspiring work from two recent US tours with the Moscow Ballet.

During this program, these and other topics will be covered:
 - How to prepare for a shoot, including what camera and lenses to consider.
- What settings and focal lengths to use for your DSLR or Mirrorless cameras and lenses to help ensure sharp and striking photographs.
- How to anticipate action and capture “decisive moments” with the help of continuous (burst) shooting.
- A description of “Back Button Focus,” and why it can make a huge difference in your photography. 
- How to take portraits off-stage, with both on- and off-camera lighting.

Curtain Raiser:  TBA

Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 7 pm
The Inspirational Photography of Padma Inguva

While countless photographers attemp to photograph churches, few succeed in capturing images that are as breathtaking as the churches themselves. The reasons are  - photographing the inside of a church is hard. It takes an unusual skill-set to capture the three-dimensional beauty, found in reality with such high dynamic range, and convey the same level of emotion in the two-dimensional plane of a photograph.

Padma Inguva’s passion for photography goes beyond her incredible love for photographing flowers. It extends and encompasses the architectural world and all its wonders which include photographing religious places especially interiors.  As a photographer and a student of Civil Engineering , she has managed to incorporate the two disciplines into an art form. Her appreciation of Neoclassical Architecture has led her to travel the world to capture some of its magnificent religious structures. 

Curtain Raiser:  The PPC Website

Tuesday, February 20, 2018, 7:00 pm
Table Top Photography

February's meeting will offer our members an opportunity for hands-on table top photography with four different set-ups and a number of different subjects including water crowns!  Bring your camera and tripod (if you have one).  Hands-on meetings are a great way to learn new camera techniques, or share knowledge, questions and expertise with other members.   Curtain Raiser: Dave Trainer.  See you there!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017- 7:00 pm
Holiday Party!

It's time to celebrate the season with goodies and pictures at our December meeting.  We love to show and tell and this month we'll be sharing pictures that match the items of the acronym CHRISTMAS.  Here's the list!
C- Christmas
H- Happy
R- Relatives
I- Ice
S- Season
T- Tradition
M- Merry
A- Angelic
S- Snow

Members are encouraged to do all or as many of the words as they like.  For those who do all, names will be put in a drawing for a prize.  The pictures can be displayed in any PRINT format you choose.  Have fun!

We'll also be selecting photos for the Spring Show in Dunning Gallery.  The theme is American Identity: Art that Expresses Social, Historical, and Political Issues in American Culture.  Bring up to 3 framed or mounted photos that you would like considered for selection.  10 photos will be chosen by those present.

Holiday goodies and beverages will be served.

You can get a printable list here:
Holiday Acronym 2017

Tuesday October 17, 2017 - 7:00 PM
Arthur Ransome "Discover yourself through photography" 

Photography has the capacity to convey both subject and emotion. Whether we are photographing a friend or stranger, our pets, our backyard or a grand vista at a national park, we want our photographs to capture not only what we saw but what we felt. These feelings are personal-we are all individuals with our own thoughts, experiences and imagination-so each of us has different emotional responses to the subjects in front of our lenses. Expressing these inner feelings through photography can be a profoundly satisfying activity, one that adds depth and meaning to our lives. If our images stimulate feelings in others, our efforts even more satisfying. We want viewers (and ourselves, too) to feel an emotional relationship to the characters, places and events we photograph, and to hear the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees and feel the cold of a winter’s day. How can we get in touch with our own emotions and infuse our images with those emotions? Departing from the colorful world we live in, Arthur takes you into his black and white world to show you how he expresses his emotions photographically. And he discusses how photographic style evolves as you cultivate and grow your emotional intelligence…and “discover yourself.”

Curtain Raiser: Stephanie Masgula

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 7:00 pm
Ken Volpe - 
“Soup to Nuts:  The A-Z Execution of a Group Photoshoot”

Ken showed us how to create a group photo of the photo club members. . . .  
And this is the result of Ken's GREAT presentation. 
PPC thanks Ken for an exceptional presentation!

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