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How do I add photos to the Gallery?

Adding Photos to the site is a two step process. To start, click on your Profile button on the upper right of the screen.

First you need to add photos to the site. Click on the Photo Manger link and then Add Photo. Add as many photos as you would like. When done click on return to Previous Page.

Second you need to add Photo pages to hold the shots. Click on the Photo Pages link under the Web Site options. Add a page and answer the questions. When done click on the Edit Content button and then select the right Photo Library and the add photos.

How do I create a Member Album on the PPC Website?
In order to create a Member Album on the PPC Website you must be an active member of the club and you must be logged on to Website under your name.
  1. Once you are logged on to the PPC Website, mouse over your name in the upper-right corner of any screen and select "Profile".
  2. On your Member Profile screen, find the "Website" box and click on "Photo Albums"
  3. This will bring up the "Photo Album Manager for (Your Name)".  It lists all of your existing photo albums on the PPC Website.
  4. To add to or modify an existing album, click on the Pencil icon to the right of that album to enter the editing screen where you may add or delete pictures or delete the entire album.
  5. To create a new album, click on the "Add Photo Album" button above the current photo album list.  This will open a new "Photo Album Configuration" dialog box.
  6. Album Name:  Enter your chosen album name in the top field.
  7. Menu Text:  Tab to or click on the "Menu Text" field where the Album Name you just entered will be automatically duplicated.  You may leave this name as is unless your album name is very long.  This field allows a simpler album name for menu use.
  8. Availability:  The recommended selection is "Any Web Site Visitor".  The other choice is "Members Only" and may be selected if you prefer.
  9. Visible:  Your new album will not be shown on the website until this box is checked by clicking on it.  You may want to remain invisible while organizing your album and check this box when all is completed.  Or you can check the box now.
  10. Description: You have the opportunity to add a description of your album.  This is not required.
  11. Click "Save".  You have created an empty picture album.  You may now add pictures to your new album.  See "How Do I Add Pictures to An Existing Album" for the next step.
How do I report an error on the PPC Website?

 If you find a website discrepancy such as a link that does not connect to its destination or other errors, please contact the Webmaster via email at

How do I contact a member of the PPC Executive Committee?
Names and email addresses for the PPC Executive Committee members are listed under the "Contact Us" menu item at the top of any web page.

There is a email form located at the bottom of the same page that may be used to send a comment or question to the Executive Committee in general.  This is useful if you don't know specifically to whom to direct your message.  It will be forwarded to the appropriate EC member for action.
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