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Photograph by Ray Roper
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The PPC Webmaster Corner

What Would You Do? Hints
By Bob Hare
Posted on 1/25/2020 2:17 PM

Our annual What Would You Do? (WWYD?) competition is one of the strangest, most work intensive and interesting of all of our Club projects.  I would like to share some personal observations from my past participation in WWYD?. This will be old hat to most of our "old timers", but I don't believe that our newer members will be aware of the nuances of this competition.  Keep in mind at all times that this competition is voluntary and is for fun.  

If you allow it to, participation will flex your creative mind and challenge your post-processing abilities.  I have to learn (or relearn ) several new techniques with each competition.  It is so much fun to see what our members can do with some basic "vanilla" images - and how different the results can be.

So, for your consideration, some personal suggestions:  

  • VERY IMPORTANT - Start working on this project early!  I guarantee you that completing this assignment will take much longer than you will imagine.  Read the final suggestion now.

  • Of the ten images that Dick Ludwig has selected from member submissions, pick five or fewer images.

  • Modify your chosen images in any manner that you can think of.

  • Imagine how you want the image to look and then figure out how to achieve that look.

  • During the WWYD Monthly Meeting (February) each original image and all of the submitted modifications will be shown together in a slideshow.

  • Each image’s modified versions will be voted on by members using a show of hands - with the results tallied to determine the collective favorite version of each WWYD picture.

  • While most photo contests restrict post-processing (picture modifications) to light cropping, exposure and color editing, the annual WWYD? competition ENCOURAGES fanciful, creative - even garish adjustments to the picture.

  • While it is tempting to take a washed out, blah picture and bring out it’s natural potential, while staying true to the original scene, our members have tended to vote for the most imaginative modifications in each picture group.  So the weirdly re-imagined images tend to win the popular vote over images that have been tastefully improved to look like the original scene “should” have looked. You have but to review past contest winners to see this voting bias. (See the links on the Monthly Meetings page to past contests.)

  • Popular approaches include:

    • Replacing skies

    • Moving the subject to an entirely new environment that probably wouldn’t occur in nature.

    • Using unlikely colors.

    • Juxtapose unlikely items - a Stroudsburg Snowman in Space!  (See some of Ann LeFevre's imaginative work with snowmen in a recent Members Photos slideshow on our site.) 

    • Add a humorous or satirical note.

  • Please - don’t give in to political or other controversial commentary in your editing.  Our Club is not about controversial issues. There are many imaginative ways to treat images without demeaning, irritating or offending fellow PPC members.

  • And MOST IMPORTANT - Get your creative masterpieces back to Dick Ludwig no later than the February 15th deadline.  Dick needs time to prepare the presentation slideshows for the February Monthly Meeting - it’s a lot of work!

    • Miss the deadline and you miss out on competing to show off your creative chops!

Ladies and gentlemen!  Start your processors!


This original picture by Eric Goins modified by Ann LeFevre is one example of what might be done in a WWYD? photo treatment.




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