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Photograph by Sam Prynda
Seneca Falls, NY
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Susan Field
Susan Field is the Pocono Photo Club Photographer of the Month!

I have been interested in Photography ever since I won my first camera, as a runner up in the Macy's Day Parade float kid with Soupy Sales. I was 6 and my mom put the instamatic in a drawer, until I was old enough at 10. I started out shooting my little friends and family. In high school, I was in the Photography club, where I learned the magic of developing and was a photographer/journalist in the school paper. I went to modeling school at 16, and was always interested in the other side of the camera. 

As an adult, I attended FIT and trained with commercial photographers. I attended Photo and Kodak conferences and classes every year I lived in NYC, most notably, with Annie Leibovitz.  I had a Portrait Photography Studio in the basement of my house in Brooklyn. 

When I came to the Poconos, I was a photographer for Sears Portrait Studio, where I specialized in newborns and was the assistant to the manager. Back then we shot in film and digital simultaneously. Before the Pocono Photo Club,  I belonged to Trump Village Camera Club. I taught photography to children and adults in Northampton Community College and the Pocono Arts Council. Currently, I am shooting houses for marketing as a Realtor®. 

My favorite subjects are children, animals, architecture, nature and when I find things humorous, like signs or things that aren't supposed to be there. 

Travel is on my bucket list and when I was invited to attend a friend's granddaughters christening in Ireland, I didn't hesitate. We traveled around the country for 2 weeks experiencing the culture and doing the tourist thing at an off season, in March.  

I still shoot with my Nikon D3000 which is 12 years old and have a wide range of lens. Most of which I don't drag around with me, just a zoom and 1 flash. I used Photoshop in post until recently when my newest OS won't support it. 3 guesses what's on my wish list.   

POTM January 2020

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