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Photo by Bob Hare
Camelback Sunset
Light of Fancy
Light Stick Painting
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Carrie Strohl
Carrie Strohl is the Pocono Photo Club Photographer of the Month!

How long have you been taking pictures?

I was given my first camera when I was 12 years old as a gift. So, we will just say, over 30 years. It was a Kodak 110. It had a built in flash. It felt like freedom to me. I’ll always remember the sweet anticipation of opening a newly processed pack of pictures.

Once my children were born, I wanted to capture each dear new thing. I probably should have included some of those in this album. 

As a sonographer by trade for 30 years, each day we work to perfect the art and craft of capturing excellent detail in ultrasound images. I believe that helps me appreciate the work it takes to learn composition and technique in digital photography.

My passion for photography, and all the technical aspects, has swelled in the past several years. 

My only regret is not having more time to dedicate to shooting and editing.

What camera/lenses do you use?

  • Canon 80D
  • 18-135mm kit lens is my walk-around lens.
  • 90mm F/2.8 MACRO
  • 70-200mm 2.8
  • 50mm 1.4

What is your favorite genre and subject matter?

My favorite subjects are my family, macro, and landscapes. I love to notice and capture the little details, which to others, could be easy to overlook. I find the complexity within each wildflower mesmerizing. 

What’s on your photo bucket list?

I feel like a kid in a candy store with my camera on my arm, but if put to the question, I would like to do more astrophotography, and better learn to use filters….and, I’d definitely like the wild daisy season to last longer than 5 weeks.

Anything else you’d like to publicize.

I discovered PPC through a wonderful twist of fate, and I feel so elated and blessed to be here with all of you. Each person has been so welcoming. I love to see how each person expresses their craft. I’m not sure if you can measure what is going on here at PPC... but it just feels good.

Respectfully, Carrie Strohl

POTM June 2019

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