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Photo by Brad Teets—"Morning Mists"
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Patricia Stout

Back in the 1950s I received my first camera. It was a Brownie box camera and I
used it until sometime in my college years. After a series of point and shoots of
various brands, my next and final film camera was a Canon AE-1, which I loved. I
didn’t really know much about aperture, shutter speeds, etc., so in 1971 I signed
up with NYIP while living in Kinshasa, Zaire. Shortly after receiving the course
materials, I was evacuated from Zaire due to a revolution and had little time
following my return to the states to concentrate on photography. (continued below photo album)

Featured Member of the Month

With retirement in 1994 I was finally able to spend time on my hobby. I bought my first

digital camera, a Nikon D3100 shortly after it was available and that was followed

by a series of other Nikon cameras. The D3100 is a great beginner’s camera, but

eventually I wanted more control. Next came the Nikon D7000, D7100 and finally

a year or so ago the camera that I love, the Nikon D750. I use the following lenses:

Tamron 15-30, Tamron 35, Tamron 24-70, Tamron 150-600 G2, Nikon 50, Nikon

60mm Macro, Nikon 85, Nikon 70-300 and a Nikon 105 macro. I use a Manfrotto

monopod and two of their tripods, an Acratech ball head, a ProMaster gimbal

head, Nikon SB-600 and Photix flashes, and ProMaster filters. Needless to say, my

office is crammed with photography “stuff”. The perfect camera backpack has

eluded me, but my collection gives lots of options depending on the circum-

stances of a shoot.

I read photography books and magazines constantly. As I can afford it, I attend

lectures and workshops and am trying to attend more of the club’s meetings and

shoot-outs. Learning never ends and I strive to continuously learn more of the


My favorite subject, other than family, is the one I am working on at any given

moment. I love landscapes, zoos and refuges, close-up photography and pretty

much anything. I absolutely love travel photography. My eldest daughter has

inherited my love of photography and she takes amazing pictures. My D3100

went to her son. It is my daughter, though who has the “eye”, so when a relative

passed away last year, she bought his D7000 with an assortment of lenses. When

we are together, we are usually planning on or just finishing a photo trip. We

both love being on the road with our cameras and comparing images when we

return home. Our next planned time together is this November when attending a

reunion for sailors who served on the USS Soley. My husband was on the Solley

and my daughter served in the Navy for 13 1/2 years. Keep on trucking!

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