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Photo by Maurice Harmon
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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Playing with my macro lens among other things!
Assorted Images Ann H LeFevre
42 photos - updated 2/16/2018
A slide show of photos of the featured club member photographer of the month
Featured Member of the Month
37 photos - updated 2/13/2018
Small birds
Small Birds Bradley Teets
40 photos - updated 2/12/2018
Featured Members
17 photos - updated 2/11/2018
woodpeckers Bradley Teets
12 photos - updated 2/10/2018
macro flowers
macro flowers Bradley Teets
28 photos - updated 2/9/2018
flys Bradley Teets
19 photos - updated 2/9/2018
Some photos from my wanderings!
Random Shots Stephanie A Masgula
8 photos - updated 2/7/2018
Foggy Connecticut Stephanie A Masgula
9 photos - updated 2/2/2018
Winter scenes in the Poconos
Pocono Winter Ray Roper
17 photos - updated 1/31/2018
Black and White February Ann H LeFevre
16 photos - updated 1/29/2018
Shoot Out at Blue Ridge Winery January 20, 2018
Blue Ridge Winery Ann H LeFevre
7 photos - updated 1/27/2018
Gina's Photos  Regina M Matarazzo
42 photos - updated 1/18/2018
Photos by Laurinda Faye Rubin Laurinda F Rubin
34 photos - updated 1/15/2018
First Winter Storm in NYC 1/4/18 Lois and Terry Silver/Matis
4 photos - updated 1/8/2018
A series of black and white explorations
Monochrome Ray Roper
8 photos - updated 12/16/2017
Westwater Canyon, Castle Valley, and the Fisher Towers along the Colorado River upriver from Moab, Utah
Westwater Ray Roper
6 photos - updated 12/14/2017
Sunset last evening from the top of Camelback mountain in eastern Pennsylvania was magical. Looking down on the fog banks rolling in on
Inland Sea at Camelback Ray Roper
8 photos - updated 12/14/2017
Top of Grand Mesa, Colorado (test series for site photo resolution)
Grand Mesa Ray Roper
11 photos - updated 12/14/2017
Photos from October 2017
Covered Bridges and the Old Mill Ann H LeFevre
19 photos - updated 10/24/2017
Pohopoco Alpaca Farm in Effort, PA
Pohopoco Alpacas Ann H LeFevre
10 photos - updated 9/16/2017
An amazing little gem in Hellertown PA
Hidden River Caverns Shoot Out Ann H LeFevre
6 photos - updated 9/16/2017
A few photos from our shoot out at the Alpaca Farm
Alpaca Farm Laurinda F Rubin
9 photos - updated 9/9/2017
Warren County Balloon Festival 2017 Robert R Hare
13 photos - updated 7/31/2017
Tannersville Cranberry Bog - July 2017 Robert R Hare
16 photos - updated 7/30/2017
A PPC shootout.
Tannersville Cranberry Bog - May 2017 Robert R Hare
14 photos - updated 7/30/2017
From our July Shoot Out
Light Writing Fun Ann H LeFevre
7 photos - updated 7/21/2017
Playing in the dark with different light sources and scenes.
Light Writing / Painting Shoot-Out Robert R Hare
15 photos - updated 7/16/2017
June 17, 2017 visit to Sky Top Lodge and photo shoot at Indian Ladder Falls and vicinity.
Indian Ladder Falls Shoot-Out Robert R Hare
17 photos - updated 6/18/2017
April 22, 2017
Quiet Valley Shoot Out Ann H LeFevre
10 photos - updated 5/2/2017
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