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Photograph By Eric Goins

Welcome to the Pocono Photo Club...

Our mission is to encourage knowledge, skills and enjoyment of photography through monthly meetings, workshops, lectures and demonstrations encompassing all phases of photography.

The Pocono Photo Club consists of area professionals, advanced amateurs and those just beginning their journey into photography. Our members photograph a wide range of subjects including nature, landscape, macro, portraiture, sports and much more. 

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📸  What Would You Do?  The WWYD 2023 Contest will beginning soon.  Stay tuned for contest information.

WWYD 2019

WWYD 2019

Featured Members September 2023 - Pt 1

Featured Members Photos

As we transition to Fall, the objects of our photography start to transition.  Soon we will be seeing Fall colors - but not yet! 

Celebrate the diversity of our members' visions and experiences and add some of yours!  Selected images from our recent member albums.

Consider submitting your own personal album in the Members' Photos area.

How To Upload Member Photos To Website (Updated)

A Suggestion:  With so many great images, it is very hard to select which images to select for an album and how many images to include.  To improve the impact of your pictures, consider narrowing the scope of each album and reducing the picture count to less than thirty images.  "But I have so many experiences to share!"  Create more albums that are smaller and more focused and people will pay more attention.

The first image in your album will represent your album on the Photo Album Directory page, so lead with an attention grabbing picture. 

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PPC September Monthly Meeting

  Image Evaluation & Post Processing

Presented by Nic Stover 

Tuesday, September 19th
7:00 PM

How do we view our work?  What goes into producing more impactful images?  For me, as I have evolved in my  photography and developed more of a creative vision being able to look objectively has helped me to approach my work in a more complete format understanding not only what will make a more impactful image, but also how I can go about bringing more of that out as I post process and present my work. 

The first part of my presentation will include a short presentation from me about best practices, what goes into impactful images, and how we can more effectively post process our images using simple techniques. We will then do a review of the first round of images where I will demonstrate some simple considerations and adjustment that can be made in Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Here is your opportunity to participate!

Submit one of your images and have Nic talk about how he views an image and the steps he would take in post processing.  What Nic is requesting is that you submit to him an image that you like and think is pretty well done, or one that you think that could be very good, but that you can't process to that level.  He wants the original unprocessed image and your finished image.  He will select some of the submissions to critique and offer suggestions as to how their impact could be improved and then illustrate how the improvements could be done.

In Nic's own words:

Do not take any of the constructive criticism personally.  
This is a space where it is ok to make mistakes, and we are all trying to learn and grow as artists. Please don't come with the hope that you will only receive compliments and praise, that is not the primary intention of this service. When you are commenting on the images from the other artists, please refrain from making any unnecessary, derogatory comments. We want everyone to have an enjoyable, enlightening experience, and a desire to do this again.


To help me keep it organized, please include your name in the filename you save it as. You can choose your images based on whatever you want: images you think are perfect that have no room for improvement, images you are stuck on, images you feel don't work but you aren't exactly sure why, etc. The images do not necessarily need to be edited, also please send RAW files. Processed JPEGS are recommended so that we can also give you suggestions on the post-processing of your images. 

Submit your photos for Nic's consideration: 

A Zoom Meeting Link Will Be Sent To Members on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Not a member? - Email to
attend one free meeting as a non-member.


WWYD 2023 Is Here!

WWYD Example Image

Our WWYD (What Would You Do?) friendly (and voluntary) competition will return at our October members’ meeting. This game allows all members to play with several photos and process them in any way they see fit. There are no limitations or “rules”.

Eight seed photos have been selected and are made available to you through this link:

WWYD 2023 Contest Anonymized Source Pictures

Download the pictures and select the ones you’d like to edit. Have fun and stretch your creative muscles while making your own unique versions of the seed images. The sky is the limit!

Label your photos with the file name and your name. 

To keep it simple, we have named the seed pictures ONE, TWO, THREE, etc.  So for example, if Minnie Mouse had an edited version of image called “FOUR.jpg,” she would save it as ‘FOUR.Minnie.Mouse.jpg’  Please refrain from adding watermarks.

Oops, we do have one rule…

The deadline to have submitted your images is 11:59pm on Saturday, October 7, 2023. Earlier entries are always welcome.


This year, you are welcome to send ONE version of EACH seed photo, if you’d like. Send them back in jpeg format. The size should be set to 2000 pixels on the longest side of the image. Here is the file request link to return your contest ready edited versions:

2 WWYD 2023 Submissions File Request Link (For members to submit their entries):

Winners will be selected LIVE during our October 17, 2023 meeting by YOU, the members. So plan to be there to be part of history in the making.  The pictures you submit will be presented at the PPC monthly meeting on October 17th. 

Want to see more than the above example from a previous WWYD competition? Check out our awesome website:

Looking forward to seeing all your post-processed pictures soon!

Best regards,

Steen and Carrie

WWYD Co-chairs

Electric City Trolley Museum
Saturday, August 26th, at 9:00 a.m.

Free Admission; donations appreciated.

300 Cliff Street
Scranton, PA 18503 

(570) 963-6590

Pictures To Share?

Shoot Out Pictures Drop Site

Please include your name and the shoot out location on submitted picture filenames.



Pocono Photo Club News

  Non-Club News and Events

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IPHF Open Photo Competition
IPHF Open Photo Competition

International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum


IPHF Open Photo Competition

Juried by Joyce Tenneson


Submission Dates: August 15 – September 30, 2023

Awards: 1 Grand Prize Winner: $1,000, 1 First Place Winner: $500, and 2 Second Place Winners: $250

Entry Fee: 1st Three Photos Free for IPHF Members, $35 for Non-Members, +$10 per Additional Image (up to 10 Total) 

Not Yet an IPHF Member? Become One Today!

Virtual Exhibition: Selected works will be included in an Online Exhibition at

2-dimensional photographic works in all subjects and disciplines are eligible for this contest.

The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum (IPHF) is opening a juried international photography contest. Now in its sixth decade IPHF is dedicated to honoring excellence in photography through its Hall of Fame and with exhibitions featuring classic and contemporary photography. Join the IPHF Photo Contest for your chance to be featured in a special Online Exhibition at

All Images: © Joyce Tenneson

Learn more at the link below or email for more information.

Enter the Competition

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