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Photographer: Maurie Harmon

Welcome to the Pocono Photo Club...

Our mission is to encourage knowledge, skills and enjoyment of photography through monthly meetings, workshops, lectures and demonstrations encompassing all phases of photography.

The Pocono Photo Club consists of area professionals, advanced amateurs and those just beginning their journey into photography. Our members photograph a wide range of subjects including nature, landscape, macro, portraiture, sports and much more. 

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👏 This month's Photographer of the Month (POTM) is Lou Nuñez.  See some of his fine images at the February PPC Meeting on the 20th.

📣 The February Themes of the Month (TOTM) are Favorite Items in Your Home and/or Love isPlease send in 3 to 5 of you best images that matched this months theme.  Be creative and different. 

Please upload to the TOTM Dropbox submissions.  Submitted files format: example: TOTM.Samprynda.mixer.jpg. 

Please submit images by the Sunday Feb 18th so they can be in the slideshow!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Featured Members 2024-02-15

Featured Members Photos

Images that make a splash, images from nature and the 2024 Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans characterize this Featured Members slideshow.
Remember, these photos are just the tip of the iceberg of images posted by our creative members!  For more, see our Member Albums Section.
Consider submitting your own personal album in the Members' Photos area.

How To Upload Member Photos To Website (Updated)

A Suggestion:
Do you have more great pictures from that last Shoot Out and Theme of the Month to share.  Consider posting focused albums from those events to show us your stuff.  We all see the same scenes differently and we reflect those differences in our work.  We gain inspiration and knowledge from seeing through other members eyes.  Be one of those "others" that members see and admire.


PPC Monthly Activities

Monthly Meeting

Club Events

Pocono Photo Club February Hybrid Meeting

February 20, 2024

7:00 PM
(Digital and physical doors open at 6:30 for visiting.)

John Scalera
Signet Group - John Scalera

Images By John Scalera
John Scalera
Bird Photography

This bird photography lecture will give an in depth overview of the equipment guide, camera and lens settings, shooting modes, focusing modes, sharpness and resolution, perspective, composition, locations and tips that are utilized to capture intimate portraits of these beautiful and exotic creatures.  Each image will be analyzed and dissected to show how it was created.  Post processing techniques will also be examined in this engaging presentation.

Our meeting location and the Zoom meeting link will be sent to members on Friday, February 20th.

Keller William Meeting Location Guide

Not a member? - Email to
attend one free meeting as a non-member - live or online.  New members welcome!

Stroud Twp Water Tower in snow

Image by Steen Jensen


February Photo Workshop: Table Top Photography

Tuesday February 27th, 2024

7:00 PM
Keller William office in Stroudsburg

We will have several props set up throughout the room. We will experiment with lighting, shadows, and angles. Bring your tripods, flashes, props, and ideas. We will be assisted by our fellow members Eric Goins and Dave Butler.

January Shoot Out

Lehigh & Keystone Valley Model Railroad Museum

January 13th, 2024
We had a good turnout at this shoot out.
Send your best train pictures in for our February Meeting
Shoot Out Pictures Here
Deadline:  Sunday, February 18th

Signalman Sam
Signalman Sam

John Oversees Yard Traffic



Pocono Photo Club News

  Non-Club News and Events

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Pocono Living Magazine - Dec 2023 / Jan 2024
Pocono Living Magazine - Dec 2023 / Jan 2024
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Pocono Family Magazine - Jan-Feb 2024
Pocono Family Magazine - Jan-Feb 2024

Image by Maurie Harmon

Image by member Maurie Harmon in the January - February 2024 issue of Pocono Family Magazine

Image by Vinton Lee

Image by former PPC member Vinton Lee in the Pocono Family Magazine January - February 2024 Issue

Pocono Family Magazine - Jan - Feb Issue

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2023 Photographer of the Year - Landscape Photography Category
2023 Photographer of the Year - Landscape Photography Category

UCP Golden Camera Award 2023 - Ray Roper

Dear Photographer, with great pride and joy are we sending you your 'Photographer of the Year' Award. Your work was awarded with 'The Golden Camera Award 2023'. This is the highest achievement of UCP. "The Photographer of the Year" Award is a grand title and Hall of Fame - Book #2 is a powerful collection of prestigious photography. It showcases the finest work of many international photographers, both amateurs and professionals.

The "Photographer of the Year" Awards were chosen by a panel of international judges and curators. We have been in the search of talent and creativity in the thousands of images submitted to during the second year. Your team of curators have looked at the technical skills, the artistic freedom and the narrative excellence each photograph represents. We have re-curated thousands of submissions and that was not an easy task!

Together, we are creating an international photo platform, constantly in search of talent and creativity. UCP is designed to elevate, promote and honor incredible photo talent at all levels in the Photography World.

Best regards,

Your UCP Team, Staff and Curators

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Please See the Website Calendar For Events
Please See the Website Calendar For Events
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Kettle Creek EEC 2024 Calendar Photo Contest Winners
Kettle Creek EEC 2024 Calendar Photo Contest Winners

Here is the link to the Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center 2024 Calendar Photo Contest winners:

Kettle Creek Calendar Winners

You will see the picture above at that link. Click on each one to find the name of the artist.

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for the continued support and participation in club events and programs.

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