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Photographer: Bob Reinhart

Welcome to the Pocono Photo Club...

Our mission is to encourage knowledge, skills and enjoyment of photography through monthly meetings, workshops, lectures and demonstrations encompassing all phases of photography.

The Pocono Photo Club consists of area professionals, advanced amateurs and those just beginning their journey into photography. Our members photograph a wide range of subjects including nature, landscape, macro, portraiture, sports and much more. 

Learn more about us:

Our Meetings | Shoot Outs & Workshops

New On the Website
📣 Shootout at the Bank! Great turnout at closing day at the EastBurg PNC Bank Branch on Friday April 19th despite the short notice and weekday event. Be sure to share your pictures of the classic bank vault and safety deposit boxes in Member Galleries.

📣 If you haven't already seen your fellow member's pictures (43 framed photos) at the Middle Smithfield Community Center PPC Life In the Poconos Exhibition, the exhibit will be taken down on Monday April 29th between 9-5. In case you cannot get to the center to see them in person, enjoy some photos from the event under Club Events.

📣 Heads up for the PPC upcoming photo exhibit "Nature Through Our Lenses" at Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center in June. Hanging will be June 3rd from 1-4:30 PM and there will be an artist's reception on June 8th 11 AM - 1 PM so be sure to get your photos ready! Details to follow soon.

📣 The 2024 Scavenger Hunt is still on! Deadline is Midnight May 23rd!! Check out the categories and instructions here: 2024 Scavenger Hunt Rules and Instructions (pdf file)

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Featured Members 2024-04-18

Featured Members Photos

This week's Featured Members Photos consists of ONE Featured Member - Amy Girardi.  We normally select images from all of the recently submitted Member Albums to showcase on this homepage and leave it to you to go see the full albums and who posted them.  Amy submitted an interesting album, Scenes from Lake Garda Italy, 2023 where some of the scenes were color images followed by monochrome versions of the same scene.  It is so interesting, we are sharing that portion of the album with you here.  Enjoy - and check out the full album in Member  Galleries,  Photo Album List.  

Still feeling energetic and creative?  Want to see your creative work up in lights?  Try shooting some Website Banner photos in the challenging 1900px X 310px format.  (Making A Lightroom Website Banner Crop).  Submit them to Bob (


Image by Candace Roper

PPC Monthly Activities

Pocono Photo Club April Hybrid Meeting

April 16, 2024

7:00 PM
(Digital and physical doors open at 6:30 for visiting)

Len Metcalf Presents: 
"Creativity Lens"!

Creativity is in all of us. Unfortunately many of us label ourselves as not having a creative bone in our body. Len believes that this is a limiting belief that stalls us.  In this presentation Len tells us how to get in touch with our creative bones, our creative intuitions, or even how to channel creative energy. This presentation is full of practical tips and tricks that help photographers get the most of their creativity.
Len Metcalf Flower 1
Len Metcalf Flower 2

Our in-person meeting location instructions:

Keller William Meeting Location Guide

Len's Website:

Theme of the Month
Flowers and/or Transportation

Tulip for Apr-May TOTM
Transportation for Apr-May TOTM

Photos by Steen Jensen

For the remainder of the month of April and most of May, we are looking for your images of Flowers and/or Transportation.
Please send in 3 - 5 of your best images so that we can present them at our May monthly meeting.
Keep those cameras going and show off your best!
Format - TOTM.Name.file.jpg
example. TOTM.samprynda.bench.jpg
Please upload to link below by Sunday May 19, 2024, midnight.

Scavenger Hunt Graphic from Bob

The 2024 Scavenger Hunt began March 1st 2024.

Make sure to check the following link for the Categories and Instructions and upload your entries NO LATER THAN 11:59 PM on May 23rd 2024!

Link to Scavenger Hunt Categories and Instructions: 2024 Scavenger Hunt Rules and Instructions (pdf file)


Fresh On the Heels Of the Last Shoot Out, We Have Another Interesting Event On This Friday!

The East Stroudsburg Bank Shoot Out!!!

Friday, April 19, 2024
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

PNC East Stroudsburg Branch Office
Image complements of Google Street View Images

The PNC Bank East Stroudsburg Branch Office is closing on this Friday.  This is part of PNC's branch realignment program.  Susan Field, a long-time PPC member knew of a classic bank safe housed within that is perfect for photography.  A piece of history.  She used her influence to get our club access to the bank interior to document it's historic appearance and equipment on their last day of operation.

Bring your tripods, wide angle and macro lenses to capture this classic vault before it's gone.  Rumor has it that the building is going to turn into a parking area.  Going, going, GONE!

We're in! We have permission from all the powers that be, for the bank's final day, this Friday, 10-12 to shoot the vault.
According to Susan:  "Thanks to the manager, Patty, that made all the calls. This has been a wish of mine for years. The workmanship is amazing.  I suggest we take turns shooting the interior with no one in it, and then for macro many of us can be inside. The door is amazing as well. Truly a lost art. This will be the vault's last hurrah."
A special thank you to Susan for her hard work to get this set up!
PNC bank
60 Washington St.
East Stroudsburg,
S Courtland St. Corner.

Park in the Parking lot and enter at that door (the only door).
Any questions please contact Susan Fields

April Shoot Out Event

Stroudsburg Fire Department

April 13th 2024
From 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

We had an excellent Shoot Out on Saturday.  We had free run of the Stroudsburg Boro Fire House under the watchful eye of "Mike".  Our thanks to Mike for his patience and helpfulness.  We understand that there are many "Mikes" on the SFD team, but this Mike set the example for the rest!

Stroudsburg Fire Dept.
700 Sarah St.
Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Please share your best images from that wonderhouse of equipment and history.

Click here to share your captures


Want to know more about the art and science of bank vaults?

Bank Vault Anatomy (PDF)

Ed Costanza

Photo by Ed Costanza - All Rights Reserved


Pocono Photo Club News

  Non-Club News and Events

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Pocono Living Magazine - Dec 2023 / Jan 2024
Pocono Living Magazine - Dec 2023 / Jan 2024
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Pocono Family Magazine - Jan-Feb 2024
Pocono Family Magazine - Jan-Feb 2024

Image by Maurie Harmon

Image by member Maurie Harmon in the January - February 2024 issue of Pocono Family Magazine

Image by Vinton Lee

Image by former PPC member Vinton Lee in the Pocono Family Magazine January - February 2024 Issue

Pocono Family Magazine - Jan - Feb Issue

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2023 Photographer of the Year - Landscape Photography Category
2023 Photographer of the Year - Landscape Photography Category

UCP Golden Camera Award 2023 - Ray Roper

Dear Photographer, with great pride and joy are we sending you your 'Photographer of the Year' Award. Your work was awarded with 'The Golden Camera Award 2023'. This is the highest achievement of UCP. "The Photographer of the Year" Award is a grand title and Hall of Fame - Book #2 is a powerful collection of prestigious photography. It showcases the finest work of many international photographers, both amateurs and professionals.

The "Photographer of the Year" Awards were chosen by a panel of international judges and curators. We have been in the search of talent and creativity in the thousands of images submitted to during the second year. Your team of curators have looked at the technical skills, the artistic freedom and the narrative excellence each photograph represents. We have re-curated thousands of submissions and that was not an easy task!

Together, we are creating an international photo platform, constantly in search of talent and creativity. UCP is designed to elevate, promote and honor incredible photo talent at all levels in the Photography World.

Best regards,

Your UCP Team, Staff and Curators

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Pocono Living Magazine - Apr-May 2024
Pocono Living Magazine - Apr-May 2024

Pocono Living Apr-May 2024_Caswell

Photo by Ray Caswell

Pocono Living Apr-May 2024_Trainer

Photo by Dave Trainer

Pocono Living Magazine Apr-May 2024

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Kettle Creek EEC 2024 Calendar Photo Contest Winners
Kettle Creek EEC 2024 Calendar Photo Contest Winners

Here is the link to the Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center 2024 Calendar Photo Contest winners:

Kettle Creek Calendar Winners

You will see the picture above at that link. Click on each one to find the name of the artist.

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Countdown to Scavenger Hunt Deadline
Countdown to Scavenger Hunt Deadline

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