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Image by Ray Roper
Cresco, PA
HomePhotographer of the Month - August 2021

Bill & Karen Keenan Are Our Photographers of the Month!

How long have you been taking pictures? What or who got you started?

Bill and Karen are amateur photographers who take pictures for fun, family, and as a hobby. Karen began using a 35mm film camera in the 1970's, but then left the hobby for many years until picking it up again after moving to the Poconos in 2013 with Bill - now using digital, of course.  Bill wasn't the photographer in the family growing up or during his child-rearing days.  Bill's first wife, Anne, took the pictures for the most part and their son, Christopher, really got into it in his teen years.  He even set up a dark room in the basement and developed his own photos.  He went onto film, as in movies, and is working in the film industry in New York City.  So Bill was inspired by them, and maybe just a little by his second wife, Karen.

What camera/lenses do you use or do you have a favorite camera and why?

So far, we continue to use entry-level Nikons.  Bill has a P600 and Karen has a P900. They also share a D3200, which they are trying to upgrade to at least a D5600 when Dave (Stroud Photo) can find them one. They also use cell phones and an Olympus Stylus when they really go lightweight.

What is your favorite genre and subject matter?

Family is big for both of them, although nature and historical photography is also a favorite.  Any interesting places, be it buildings, stonework, or amazing views is always a draw.  Karen is also big into animals of all kinds, wild or not.

What’s on your photo bucket list?

Karen - Alaska.  Bill - Route 66.

What do you enjoy most about photography?

Getting out and finding the beauty that surrounds us.  

Do you have a favorite picture? If so why? Do you have a favorite spot you like to photograph?

Not really, favorites change all the time.  Our favorite spot to photograph is the next one that gives us pause and wonder at the world around us.

Would you like to add anything else?

We are not out to make money or even earn rewards, although we do like to participate in the club just to hone our skills.  The Pocono Photo Club has been very welcoming, even to hobbyists like us.  We both like to learn, particularly to make our photos more powerful to those who see them - so others feel the beauty and awe of the places as we do when we take the photos.

POTM August 2021
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