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Photograph by Sam Prynda
Seneca Falls, NY
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Dick Ludwig
Dick Ludwig is the Pocono Photo Club Photographer of the Month!

Photography has been a lifelong interest of mine.  The first camera that I ever used was at age 7, a Kodak  No. 2A Brownie box camera model B (cost $3 in 1924).  You can learn more here:    The camera had been my grandfather’s camera that was handed down to my father and then to me.  It was an extremely difficult camera to use because the shutter release was a lever that required a 1 inch movement to release the shutter, difficult to do without moving the camera, especially for a 7 year old. 

My interest in photography continued and by around age 11 my father gave me his Kodak No. 1A Series III folding pocket camera.  (The pocket that this camera fit into would have been a large, man’s overcoat pocket.)   More about this camera here:    

As time went on I got an enlarger and started making prints.  Around age 16 my parents splurged and bought me a very well used, Zeiss Contact II 35mm camera.  That’s enough about my early childhood development as a photographer.  At this point I’ve been involved in photography for over 70 years.

During the Berlin wall crisis (1961-63) I was stationed in Germany and through the Army PX was able to purchase duty-free one of the first single lens reflex cameras, the Nikon F, which I continued to use until we went digital with the purchase of a Canon 20 D.  My current camera is a Sony a7R III.  Why did I choose this Sony - for two reasons?   One, the sensor is a full frame 35mm with very high resolution that is ideally suited for serious landscape photography.  Two, being mirrorless the camera is very compact - something that I appreciate more and more each year as I get older.  (The Pro DSLR cameras have become enormous, bulky and heavy.)  I use mainly fixed focal length lenses.  My favorite lens is a Zeiss 55 mm f/1.8 which I use extensively when taking panoramas.  I find that this angle of view gives a more realistic perspective to panorama images. 

What do I like to photograph - landscapes and nature are my primary interests.  I do a lot of photography for The Nature Conservancy, Long Pond and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Cherry Valley Wildlife Refuge.  I also do a fair amount of people photography as I am my Rotary Club’s “Official Photographer”.  And as everyone who is a good photographer knows, you become the “Official Family Photographer” for the entire extended family whenever everyone gets together for any family event.  Right now I’m in the midst of culling 376 Thanksgiving images down to a manageable size to post on the family share site.


POTM December 2019

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