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Photo by Janice Giannolla—"Petunias!"
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Gina Matarazzo


         Photography has always been a part of my life—I am one of those people who takes 2,000+ pictures when they go on vacation. My uncle was a portrait photographer and had his own studio in Queens, NY. As a young child, I would always go to his studio. He would show me his cameras and lenses and even showed me how to develop film. He bought me my first digital camera when I was 13 and I thought it was amazing! I liked how you could see the photo instantaneously, unlike with film. During high school, my photography interest peaked. I had an art teacher who took an interest in my some of my photos and encouraged me to enter one of my photographs into a local art show. I won third place in the Coolbaugh Township Art Show in 2003—my first award! This win encouraged me to further develop my photography skills and enter more shows. Recently I joined EyeEm, which is a photography website where amateur and professional photographers can share their photos. Additionally, you can purchase commercial and private licenses for photographs. In June 2016, I sold my first commercial license photograph. In January 2018, I sold two private license photographs.

         I have always used point and shoot digital cameras and loved my Canon Powershot camera. In July 2018, I purchased my first DSLR camera—a Canon EOS T6 Rebel. I absolutely love it! After learning how to work it, I purchased a Canon Zoom Lens (EF 75-300mmm), Telephoto Lens (XIT Pro Series 2.2X High Definition), Wide Angle Lens (XIT Pro Series 0.43X High Definition & MC HD 0.43X) and most recently a High-Power 500mm/1000mm f/8 Manual Telephoto Lens (which stays mounted to my tripod!)

         My favorite genre is nature. I love photographing sunrises, sunsets, the Moon, flowers, butterflies, snow—anything nature related1 I do like to capture my dog (when she wants to stay!)

         On my photo bucket list is Montauk (which I hope to cross off this Summer), Cape Cod, Australia, and anywhere I can see Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) Of course, I am always adding to this list!

         I love photography and capturing the beauty in nature! You never know what you can capture if you look close enough.

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